Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gay Activists - Bullied? Or Bullies?

A number of bullying incidents have occurred - that most likely have never made the mainstream media.  Why? Because these acts of bullying were perpetrated by gay rights activists.

Since there are a number of videos in this post, I will place them after the jump break.
Today's Vortex summarizes what is going on, using the recent Dan Savage incident as an example.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Here's the full clip of Savage's talk.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

A few days ago, news came from Portland Oregon that a group calling itself "Angry Queers" has taken responsibility for the smashing of nine windows of Mars Hill Church.  Why?  Because this church teaches traditional Christian morality with regards to homosexuality.  Moreover, this bunch proclaims that "Christians are scum and deserve hammers through their windows."  Hmmm...  Smashing of windows!  Bigotry and violence against a religious group!  Didn't we hear of this 70-75 years ago?  Boys and girls, can we say "krystalnacht"?

They've tried to co-opt the word "choice" to themselves.  Now they're trying to own the word "bullying", playing the victims while they themselves do the victimizing.  Enough is enough!

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