Friday, May 4, 2012

Kathleen Sebelius To Give Georgetown Commencement Address

Put her name next to the little magnifying glass at the top left and see how many times I reported on her many atrocities.  The latest one, of course, is the HHS mandate that crams down the throats of all decent people the onus of paying for contraceptives and abortifacients in health-coverage plans.  She has been rightly chided by bishops and laity alike.

Therefore I can only assume that Georgetown University is deliberately thumbing its nose at the Magisterium by extending an invitation to her to speak at the commencement of one of Georgetown's schools on Friday May 18th.  The disgrace will occur at 11:00am at the Leavey Center Ballroom.

The Cardinal Newman Society has a link by which you may send a petition to protest this inappropriate invitation.  You may sign it if you wish - or contact the Georgetown administration yourselves to protest.

Will we have to picket???


  1. The Jesuits, in concert w/ the Obama administration, worked hard to make the healthcare mandate happen. This is Georgetown's thank you to Obama.

    I think we should protest, absolutely; however, I think that we should also fast. Fasting and prayer, are the only things that will drive out evil. This is truly,without exaggeration, demonic.

    Wuerl has been appointed to the CDF, yes? Or am I dreaming this? What does this portend?

  2. Maria get real. The Jesuits had nothing to do with making the healthcare mandate happen and they had nothing to do with Sebelius speaking at the GPPI graduation. The University is separately incorporated with a lay board and a lay president. The Jesuits do not own it or control it. Wuerl's appointment to CDF is pro forma, every cardinal is appointed to a Vatican Congregation. It means nothing at all. Go have a full meal and forget your fasting over this none issue.

    1. Anonymous, you need to get real and learn some history. No doubt you'll recall that the late Ted Kennedy was a driving force behind Obamacare, right? Did you know that at one time he espoused a pro-life position (at least publicly)? In 1964 the Kennedys began to waver and they were "exploring" a way to embrace abortion that would sound "Catholic" enough. They had a convocation in Hyannisport to do that. One theologian who was instrumental in helping the Kennedys to flip-flop to the pro-abortion side was Fr Robert Drinan, a Jesuit. He was a US congressman for a while until the Holy Father told him that what he was doing was improper. While a congressman, Father Drinan voted for the Freedom of Choice Act. I guess that's why the progressives didn't screech about "separation of church and state" in his case, but I digress. He left and finally settled down at (bet you can't guess!) Georgetown University, where he died several years ago.

      While Georgetown has a lay board, they have a Jesuit president - Father DiGioa. Why has he not uttered a peep? Why has the Jesuit order not said a thing or even (gasp!) rescind their affiliation with Georgetown? Father DiGioa, if he wanted to, could raise his voice. He doesn't care to, and methinks he applauds this invitation.

      This is NOT a "non-issue". At the very least, Catholics are kissing the very hand that stabs them in the back. However, Maria is correct in that this is designed to be a gratuitous slap to the Magisterium. In a later post, I may go into the similarities of this situation with the 2009 Notre Dame commencement scandal.


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