Saturday, March 2, 2013

Another Maryland School Suspension Over Gun Paranoia

Many Maryland public school teachers (and most of their bosses) suffer from PCIAS Syndrome.  "PCIAS" stands for "Political-Correctness-Induced-Asinine-Stupidity".  The latest outbreak of this social disease manifested itself at Park Elementary School in Baltimore last week.

A 7-year old second grader was eating a strawberry tart.  He decided to shape it into a mountain but it didn't turn out the way he planned.  Instead it resembled a gun.  His PCIAS-afflicted teacher became "visibly mad" (from Fox News) and gave into the symptoms of his/her disorder.  The poor little guy was suspended for two days for "using food to make an inappropriate gesture".

Maryland citizens, we have elections coming in 2014.  We need to clear the local boards of education of the fools that are turning our tax-funded schools into loony-bins.  One rule-of-thumb: vote against the "apple ballots"!

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