Friday, March 29, 2013

Great Minds Think Alike, Don't They??

Several weeks ago, the Messiah Most Miserable, Barack Obama, stated his intentions to shift focus to "immigration and gun control" according to the left-wing shill-mouthpiece known as the Washington Post.  So what's the big deal about that, one might wonder?  These are just typical progressive talking points.  True enough - but who is echoing him?

Why, it's none other than Cardinal McCarrick, Washington's archbishop emeritus!  He has stated that the Church will push for "immigration and gun control".   He says of the nation's bishops that once a bill for immigration is introduced, "you'll see how active they'll (bishops) be."  I'm sure that both he and Obama hope the bishops will be more "active" than they've been with adherence to Canon 915.  Come to think of it, maybe some bishops have been "too active" in the wrong direction, but I digress!

Isn't it just the most amazing coincidence that both these men are touting the same thing?  What a miracle!  It's almost like one is taking cues from the other - and we can guess the direction of the talking-point flow now, can't we?

By the way - in the same interview, Cardinal McCarrick had some interesting things to say about Pope Francis.  He believes the Pope will show more emphasis on "global climate change" (another progressive cause-celebre) because he took the name of Francis who (and I quote the cardinal) "is associated with the adoration of nature".  I hope for the cardinal's sake that this was a misquote for only God is to be adored - no one or nothing else.  Otherwise we might have to wonder if this was a Freudian slip on the part of His Eminence.

In all seriousness, no faithful Catholic need feel him/herself obliged to follow the lead on any prelate regarding matters of prudential judgment.  In fact, given the murky influences emanating from the USCCB, one should take their proclamations with copious grains of salt.


  1. I just wrote a letter to my fellow secular Franciscans;probably get booted out of the fraternity. The most important things for Franciscan Action Network, a newtwork of seculars, and religous orders are:climate change (changed from Global Wrming)and immigration.
    What ever happened to the churches mission of the salvation of souls?
    One of the sisters in my area is doing a celebration on the wisdom of earth and sun. Not sure if it is a pagan or a wiccan celebration.
    These things are why Jesus weeps.

  2. @Nancy-Thank you for that information. I was trying to discern joining a 3rd order/Secular religious organization over the past 1-2years in the Metro NYC-Northern NJ area. My family had several vocations to the Franciscans (all pre-Vatican II) so I was interested in the Secular Franciscans. All of the "social justice" talk plus a few other things such as their being enamored with "sister" Simone and the Marxist "nuns on the bus" gave me strong misgivings after minimal contact and I chose to not pursue the Secular Franciscans any further.
    I'm still looking at other organizations and I wish you the best of luck with your situation. I'll remember you in my rosary this afternoon.


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