Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Democratic Strategist In La-La Land

Democratic strategist Zerlina Maxwell, on Sean Hannity's show, was arguing against allowing women the use of guns to defend against rape.  When queried about defenses against rape, she uttered the following gem of brilliance: "we should be telling men not to rape women and start the conversation there".

Tell them not to rape women?

My stars!  Such brilliance!  Why in the name of heaven didn't we think of this earlier, in all the thousands of years that mankind existed?  Just tell them that rape is a naughty thing to do - and they'll cease and desist!  Holy-smokey!  Why stop there?  Why not just tell crooked business people to stop corporate theft?  How about just telling the corrupt politicians to stop taking bribes?  Or the jihadist to stop beheading non-muslims?  Or tin-horn dictators (such as the late Hugo Chavez) to stop oppressing their people?  The list could go on and on!  Let's just start telling all these nasty people to stop doing nasty things!  Of course they'll listen to us immediately and we'll usher in the Age of Aquarius (or whatever the current new age fad is these days)!  <'/'sarcasm>

Now remember - this female throwback to the 1960s hippie era is a Democratic strategist.  Is an individual in her position really that naive?  Perhaps she's putting on an act or she may be what is known as a "useful idiot" - a puppet to draw in other such individuals who will be the Dems' useful drones and foot soldiers.

The video of that ridiculous statement is below.  I now link to the account of hearings regarding a concealed-carry ban at the University of Colorado.  This is also the same state where women about to get rape invoke another lame-brained "tactic", that is to pee and/or puke on their assailants.  Sounds like another Democrat winner to me.

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  1. In debates with people like this, I have often found it useful to ask them, "Have you ever been raped? No? Have you ever been mugged? Robbed? Beaten? Stalked? Have you ever experienced a home invasion? Really. I find it extraordinary that someone like you who has never experienced a violent crime can tell the rest of us that we must suffer and perhaps die because you are frightened of guns. What an anti-woman, pro-violence position for you to take, madame."

    This slows them down a bit.


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