Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pro-Life Woman Attacked At Delaware Planned Parenthood

Operation Rescue has the accounts of a rash of women being injured at a Planned Parenthood baby-murders center in Wilmington Delaware.  The most recent count is four incidents in the past five weeks.  Perhaps the City of Wilmington should just have a reserved parking spot for their ambulances in front of the mill since they seem to be visiting there so much.

Yesterday a pro-life activist witnessed two of those incidents (yes, two in the same day), each with their attending ambulance.  As she was recording one of them, an irate woman emerged from the Planned Parenthood and assaulted her.  The details need not be rehashed here as they - and the video - are on the Operation Rescue page.  I understand the perpetrator was at large as of the writing of the OR piece.  However, it shouldn't be too difficult to trace her.  She obviously had business in the Planned Parenthood so unless the Planned Parenthood would like to be liable as an accomplice after the fact, they will cooperate with any investigation of the assault and battery.

The abortion industry - keeping abortion un-safe and un-rare.

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