Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Monkey Business As Usual At CCHD

"Comprehensive Immigration
Today the Catholic Campaign for Human Development announced that it will grant $800,000 to "mobilize for comprehensive immigration reform".  The announcement was made by none other than Bishop Jaime Soto, chair of the bishops' CCHD subcommittee; I've written before regarding his (mis)statements.

As you read down the USCCB press release you'll notice that the Alinskyian PICO, a major supporter of the anti-life Obamacare bill, will receive a huge chunk of these latest grants.  I said "latest grants" because this expenditure brings the total immigration-related grants to $3,500,000!  Yep!  $3.5 million!

Read the report uploaded by the Reform CCHD Now Coalition.  In it you'll find more egregious wastes of your donation dollars.  The damage done is more than just mere waste.  The CCHD is knowingly and willingly misappropriating your donation dollars to organizations working to undermine the Church and the salvation of souls.  Don't donate one more penny to them.

Let me also say this to my colleagues.  Let's cease calling for the reform of the CCHD, for it is rotten to its core and foundation.  Rather, let's call for the abolition of the CCHD.

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