Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oscars - Pro Abortion Style

Ladies and gentlemen, the Oscars were awarded last week, were they not?  I didn't bother to watch, but I know there was a glaring omission - and I mean GLARING!  Why, I'm surprised that Michelle Obama didn't take that Oscar committee to task over this one!   To what do I refer, do you ask?  Why, nowhere to be found was any mention whatsoever of any of the pieces of cinematic art produced by the pro-abortion community!  For shame!

Not to worry!  I will do my best to compensate for the Oscar committee's negligence.  Below I will feature some of the pro-abortion community's finest works - works that so clearly illustrate their morals and ideals.  So grab your popcorn, or barf bags if you prefer, and let's get started!  They are below the jump break, so..

In mid-late January, the Center for Reproductive Rights released a video featuring Mehcad Brooks celebrating the fact that Roe v Wade, by nullifying abortion laws, facilitated the tom-cat behaviors of many irresponsible men.  Sadly, this work of art is no longer a candidate for a pro-abortion oscar as its producers have removed it from you tube.  Such a pity.  Not to worry - there are more.

They sing!  They dance!  They are Code Pink and they dress themselves as vulvas.  Below is a production that is certain to put to shame the best that the 1940s Hollywood musicals had to offer.

The Agenda Project must not have a whole lot of money as their cinematic offering was rather low-budget.  The budget was so low that they couldn't afford clothes for their actresses!  How sad!  Grab a hanky and shed a tear as you watch these clothing-deprived young ladies cower behind their posters and put forth their messages!

The former Planned Parenthood of Golden Gate produced the following crap classic several years ago.  I say "former" because they subsequently had some, uh, issues with national Planned Parenthood and lost their PP franchise.  However, if you want to see your tax dollars at work, enjoy!

Are there any other "nominations" for pro-abort oscars?  Please advise via comments.


  1. It is sad to see young women with so little self-respect and so deluded by a culture that treats them as no more than their "lady parts." They illustrate what bad straits a country is in when its women go bad. The challenge for Christian women is to call the culture back through their modesty, chastity, prudence, and the other virtues. When I see the young pro-life women of the survivor generation, I have great hope for the future. Many of these foolish young women are acting out because of their own sinful choices. Like the prodigal son, we can pray that they "come to their senses at last and return to the father."

  2. I watched the Oscars on and off last week. There was a showing of James Bond movies (starring Roger Moore) on another channel so I couldn't pass it up.

    The 2nd video reminds me of a publicity stunt that PETA has done.

  3. Don't forget the Sundance favorite, "After Tiller", which attempts to glorify Carhart and other late-term abortionists.


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