Thursday, March 21, 2013

Maryland "Pro-Life Victory" A Sham

The Maryland Catholic Conference is calling the recent repeal of the death penalty in Maryland a "pro-life victory".  Really???  Seriously???   What about the real death penalty in Maryland??

While the MCC and state legislators were celebrating and giving "high-fives" to each other, another 95 babies were slaughtered in abortuaries across the Free State.  Yes, approximately 95 babies are murdered vis-a-vis abortion in Maryland - with the support of many of the legislators who repealed capital punishment.

How many executions occurred in Maryland over the years?  According to Maryland's own statistics, 85 men were executed from 1923 to present.  Obviously that's less than 1 per year: 0.94 to be precise.  With 95 babies being murdered every year, that makes 34,700 per year.  Once again, the Maryland Catholic Conference displays an abysmal lack of perspective just in terms of arithmetic as they wax lyrical about a legislative body that largely condones the murder of innocents.

There's a larger issue here, one that eludes the folks at Maryland Catholic Conference.  Mary Ellen Russell, executive director of the MCC stated the case although she doesn't acknowledge the impact of what she said.  She said, "the test of whether the death penalty can be used is not the gravity of the offense, but whether it is absolutely necessary to protect society."  Right there she acknowledges that capital punishment is permissible if "it is absolutely necessary to protect society".  However, thanks to their short-sighted (and progressive leanings of the "social justice" cabal), they have just removed a means of societal defense that would otherwise be available to protect society from dangerous criminals.

There is a malevolent pattern in recent actions of the Maryland legislature.  It's seen in the repeal of capital punishment and it's also seen in the push to cripple our exercise of Second Amendment rights.  In both cases, the progressives are acting to tie our hands when it comes to defending ourselves, our families and our society against dangerous thugs.  In fact, the thugs who call themselves "doctors" while plying their murderous trades are no doubt joining in the celebration of the death penalty repeal.  Why?  Simple!  They no doubt realize that in a saner time, they would be considered eligible for capital punishment.

ADDENDUM:  Perhaps the MCC staffers are reading the Not-at-all Catholic Reporter.  Yesterday their columnist Bill Tammeus questioned why true Catholics spend so much energy trying to stop abortion as opposed to the death penalty.  Why?  According to this dubious sage, the unborn child is just "a bundle of cells" whereas the criminal is a human being.  What a guy!


  1. Actually, the MCC IS one of those TRUE Catholic groups spending NO energy to save lives from abortion - weren't you the one who reported that abortion doesn't even figure on their agenda?

    "appeared an article about the Maryland Catholic Conference and its choice of priorities. What are the top two in the headline? "Death penalty repeal" and "Catholic school support". The third most popular was "gun violence". The word "abortion" was not to be found once in this article"

    But actually the stats you report are far worse: there have been five (5) yes, that's right FIVE executions in Maryland since 1961 and a total of 314 executed since 1638 (annual MD homicides surpass that now for 2012 = 377 - way back in 1961 homicides = 143).

    The last source above is interesting because it shows that Maryland (2005) is FIRST of 49 for "Homicide victims by black male" and SECOND of 49 states for "homicide victims by race - black". [Murders increased in Baltimore again last year to 216/217 (state is reporting 216).]

    An argument to use against NAACP and Catholic Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown when they trot out the race card:

    "Supporters of the death penalty often rely on false or incomplete information to make their case. Attorney General Doug Gansler is a supporter of the death penalty and he recently attempted to argue that the death penalty was administered in a "fair" and "race neutral" manner. Regrettably, the facts show that the death penalty is anything but fair and race neutral..."

    Here is another source rebutting race bias of executions (discusses Maryland study specifically):

    Another article showing death penalty saves lives:

    "Murder Rates in Maryland, Texas and Virginia per 100,000 people during the period 2004-2007:

    Year: Maryland Texas Virginia

    2004 9.4 6.1 5.2

    2005 9.9 6.2 6.1

    2006 9.7 5.9 5.2

    2007 9.8 5.9 5.3"

    Meanwhile the prison homicide rate doubled last year in Maryland from four (4) to seven (7)!

    "Maryland's prison agency is reporting a spike in inmate-on-inmate homicides.The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services says there were seven such deaths last year. That compares with an average of about four per year since 2001.

    An average of four prisoners murdered each year since 2001 would make 51 criminals executed in PRISON in the last 10 years (10x the number who have been executed in the last 50 years)! But the "social justice" types don't get excited about that, because authority, law and JUSTICE aren't involved.

    1. Thank you for those stats. I just did a rough average over the past 90 years. However the number of uses of capital punishment has been in a decline in the past several decades. Abortion, that is, murder of babies has increased over that same period. A large part of that is the liberalized abortion culture in Maryland, legislated into law by the same hired shills in Annapolis (to whom the MCC offers homage) that has turned Maryland into an abortionists' bonanza.


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