Monday, March 11, 2013

State Of Maryland Starts Carhart Investigation

This past Saturday we learned that three Maryland abortuaries had their licenses suspended by the State of Maryland after long-overdue inspections revealed sub-standard conditions in all three.  Moreover, it was discovered that yet another woman died in the Baltimore mill; no doubt a contributing factor in her death was the non-functional defibrillator in that office.

Today Operation Rescue announced that the Maryland Board of Physicians has started a preliminary investigation into Leroy Carhart's Germantown practice.  The Board made this known in a letter that they sent to Operation Rescue; it can be viewed at the link above.  According to this letter, this sort of investigation can take up to six months to complete.

Through it all Carhart will be free to murder babies as usual.  One wonders why his mill isn't shut while the other three are (and I am grateful that they are closed).  In addition to his demonstrated disregard for Jennifer Morbelli, his license application contained key inaccuracies and he is already under investigation for illegal dumping of biohazards.  But perhaps this seeming disparity of treatments is not so mysterious when "connections" are considered.

Again we can thank Operation Rescue for some insight here.  Three years ago they publicized news - and photos - of a dinner that Kathleen Sebelius (then governor of Kansas) hosted for (the now deceased) George Tiller at the Governor's mansion.  Go to their account for the details - and photos.  Notice that Leroy Carhart was in attendance (he's behind Tiller here).  So there is reason to believe that there is at least an alliance if not working relationship there.  Now Sebelius is HHS Secretary and Carhart is under "investigation" in Maryland.  In Maryland's State House is another pro-abortion governor: one who has eyes set on the White House.  If that is the case, O'Malley will need lots and lots of money to campaign - and these abortionists have demonstrated willingness to "scratch backs of those who scratch theirs".  Might Sebelius have a hand here?  Why not?  They all seem to be one big happy network - much like a bunch of snakes tangled up together.  While it's just a theory, I think it quite plausible.

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