Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Maryland Delegates Call For Investigation Of Carhart

Last week seventeen members of the Maryland House of Delegates affixed their names to a letter to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, inquiring why Leroy Carhart's license wasn't immediately suspended upon the death of Jennifer Morbelli on February 7th.

Operation Rescue has more details, including a pdf of the delegates' letter.  Recall that Carhart was awarded his license even though the Board of Physicians acknowledged the inaccuracies in his license application.  Recall also that the clinic itself received its license just a day before Morbelli's death.  The mill was never inspected, nor were the complaints (regarding disposal of bio-hazardous wastes) addressed prior to the granting of the license.

At the bottom of the OR page are some actions that can be taken by all people of good will.  For Maryland citizens, electoral action needs to be taken in 2014.  Many in Annapolis, including the entire Montgomery County delegation, are rabidly pro-abortion.  Governor O'Malley (katholyc-in-name-only) even stooped so low as to be the keynote speaker at one of MD-NARAL's recent fund-raising galas.  These people need to be handed their pink slips in November.  O'Malley won't be running as he has had his two terms, but let's face it.  Barring a miracle, the Democratic candidate will be a pro-abort and needs to be defeated.

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