Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Atheist Richard Dawkins Puts Both Feet In His Mouth

Richard Dawkins, Oxford University professor, has made quite a name for himself by embracing and advocating a rabid atheism.  Read this wikipedia article for a list of his screeds publications.

LifesiteNews reports that during a Twitter conversation, Dawkins declared that it "immoral" for a couple expecting a Down syndrome baby NOT to abort.  Of course this statement (and others in the rant) is horrid, but from an atheistic viewpoint, it is completely illogical.

Consider - he's an atheist.  By what objective standard does Dawkins evaluate whether or not it is "moral" to abort a Down syndrome baby or bring him/her to live birth?  He used the term "immoral".  Fine!  But what standards of morality does he use to come to that conclusion?  Herein lies the logical conundrum in which atheists plop themselves - continuously.  Eschewing belief in God, they also jettison any objective standards for evaluating morality.  The best they can do is go by their own whims of the moment - and then try to bamboozle others into following suit.  That's why he blatantly told those people it was the proper thing to murder an innocent baby and that they were wrong if they demured.  In truth, without belief and obedience to God, his opinions have no basis in objective reality.

Now also consider that atheists cannot help but talk themselves into logical paradoxes.  Their very atheism constitutes fundamental rebellion against logic, reason and reality - and the fact that an awareness of God is written in the fabric of each and everyone of us.  Despite their best attempts to stifle that tiny remnant of reason that remains within them, it still pops out ever now and then.  That's why Dawkins uttered the word "immoral".  It was a proverbial "Freudian slip" for him.

Let us pray that Dawkins and other atheists repent.  They WILL believe in God after they meet Him in their particular judgment days.

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