Friday, August 22, 2014

OR - Brigham May Lose His NJ License

Operation Rescue broke the news that a New Jersey judge recommended that Stephen Chase Brigham's last remaining medical license should be revoked and that he pay $30,000 in fines.  Recall that nearly four years ago, it was discovered that Brigham and accomplice Nicola Riley were initiating late-term abortions in New Jersey - where that's illegal - then shipping them to a shoddy abortion facility in Elkton MD to complete the procedure.  Their cover was blown when they botched an abortion and had to take the woman to Johns Hopkins.  Doctors there were suspicious and notified the police.

So for now it seems that Brigham will be impeded from murdering babies in New Jersey.  Sadly that is not the case in Florida, Delaware and Virginia for those states don't require that abortion mill owners be licensed.

These NJ mills operated under the banner of "American Women's Services".  I believe his Maryland-owned mills will continue to see babies murdered.

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