Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Two Abortionists Get Spanked

One of them is Martin Haskell, who murdered babies in the Cincinnati OH area.  The Ohio Department of Health finally ordered him to cease all abortions by August 22.  He has decided not to appeal.  That's one death chamber that will no longer see the butchery of babies.

The other situation literally strikes close to home.  Leroy Carhart, late term abortionist, kills babies not ten miles from my home.  He also does so in Nebraska, so he splits his time between his two death mills.  The Nebraska Department of Health has decided to investigate him, owing to the eight women he has recently injured both in Nebraska and Maryland.  The OR article to which I linked states that "Maryland authorities seem unconcerned with the pattern of injuries inflicted by Carhart's dubious practices.."  No, it's more insidious than just passive indifference.  The abortion-loving administration in Annapolis actively covers for these abortionists and stonewalls any attempt to bring sanity and justice regarding the killing of babies in Maryland.  Put the words "Joshua Sharfstein" in my search box - or just google "Sharfstein NARAL"; you'll get an eyeful of the corruption that exists in Maryland's medical oversight apparatus.

I congratulate the states of Ohio and Nebraska for taking actions against two menaces to babies and women.  As for Maryland, our situation will change if and only if we can "clean house" with the elections this coming November.

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