Monday, August 25, 2014

On-The-Job Deathscort Training - More Blocking And Slamming

About two weeks ago I published a video showing some deathscort "on the job" training.  At that time I promised to publish more helpful hints to the budding thugs escorts as opportunity presented itself.  We didn't have to wait too long!  On Saturday, Sept 23 at 1400 Spring Street in Silver Spring MD - where Planned Parenthood is a tenant - some on the job training was offered.

Meet your deathscort tutor of the day.  His picture is to the right; I don't know his name.  You'll see him in action in the video below.  He engaged in quite a bit of blocking and even body-slamming of a pro-life woman as she sought to offer information to women approaching the doors.  As you watch, you'll notice something immediately; the male escort is at least twice the woman's size.  Deathscort neophytes, while you might find this size discrepancy to be helpful, I wouldn't recommend that you strive for the huge size as that may have undesirable health consequences!

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