Monday, August 11, 2014

From The Ecumenicide Department - Was Tony Palmer Treated Badly?

On July 20, a few weeks ago, Anglican-Evangelical "bishop" Tony Palmer was killed in a motorcycle accident.  He and Pope Francis were apparently good friends, with the Pope going so far as to erroneously call him a "brother bishop".  Palmer was involved in the meeting about which I wrote earler; here are some additional pictures.  Note Kenneth Copeland praying over His Holiness.

The Novus Ordo Watch article to which I linked ends with a prayer that Palmer had a last-minute conversion to the One True Faith, a prayer that we should all echo.  What is quite tragic is that at one point, Palmer had wanted to convert to the Roman Catholic Church - but the Pope advised him not to convert, giving the lame excuse of needing "bridge-builders".  The scandal!  Palmer had wanted the fullness of Christian truth and the sacraments - and the Chief Shepherd dissuaded him!  The Chief Shepherd drove a seeking sheep out of the pasture!   Regardless of what the motivation might have been, Palmer was treated badly.  His legitimate spiritual interests were not given due regard.

Now comes the news that the Holy Father directed a Catholic church in England to celebrate a requiem Mass for Palmer as they would for a Catholic bishop.  This is insane!  I'm sure Palmer was a decent, good person - as evidenced by his frustrated desire to be received into the One True Church.  But he wasn't Catholic, let alone a Catholic bishop!  That requiem Mass was simply inappropriate.

I didn't coin the term "ecumenicide".  However, I use it for it describes the spiritual death that results when false "ecumenism" is exalted at the expense of the truth of the Roman Catholic Church.

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