Thursday, August 14, 2014

Disobedience To God's Laws Regarding Sex Leads To Violence And Pain

About 15 years ago I stumbled upon some tape series recorded by the late Father John Hardon, S.J.  He gave great talks about a variety of Catholic topics and expounded on Church teaching thoroughly.  One of those tape series is called "Catholic Sexual Morality".  I highly recommend this (and the other series of talks) that can be obtained through

EWTN has a snippet of a talk that the late Jesuit gave a few years before his death.  I'll quote a piece of it now: "This professor told us that on many nights, the prisoners were so starved that they were unable to sleep, and so they would talk all night long. One of the subjects they probed was what made the Nazis so cruel. For months, he said, they discussed what could possibly make one human being SQ cruel to another, and finally they found the answer: Every single one of the guards was a sex pervert; there were no exceptions. The relationship between chastity — whose foundation is charity — and justice toward others, is a relationship of cause and effect. Every sexually perverse society becomes a society of murderers. There is no doubt about it."

What do we see now?  Mayhem in Missouri, newborns being left to die by their mothers, fathers brutally murdering their own babies (latest excuse - the infant boy peed on the dad while the diaper was being changed), "knock-out games", etc, etc.  Because we as a nation departed from God and His laws regarding sexuality and marriage, we as a nation have become a pack of murderous perverts and barbarians.

Live Action exposed Planned Parenthood openly advocating violent sexual perversions.  The fact that they believe the young girl is underage only exacerbates an already-horrible atrocity.  As you watch (and please don't let children watch with you), you'll hear this so-called "counselor" tell the young lady that it's perfectly fine to reduce herself to the status of a toy to satisfy the boyfriend's violent perverted fetishes.  How is this different from telling the girl to be a slave/wife to some jihadist animal who would subject her to Sharia law with its whippings, acid burns, etc?  Oh, it's "consensual"?  And what if she no longer "consents" while the boyfriend is riled up in a perverted frenzy?  Too bad, because he'll just carry it out and injure her, maybe even kill her.

But Planned Parenthood doesn't care.  Most likely they'll wind up pregnant and they'll come straight to Planned Parenthood to have their unborn child murdered.

If you want to stop this madness, please frequent the Sacraments and pray the Rosary.  Get yourselves in front of abortion centers and offer Christian witness.  Do NOT give to second collections that go towards CCHD and CRS (more about the latter later).  Now the video.

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