Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pro-Abortion Escorts - On The Job Training!

The pro-choice clinic escorts (hereinafter referred to as "deathscorts") in the MD/DC/NoVA area are organized under the umbrella of the "Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force".  They wear their orange vests (I believe they call them "identifiers").  As you can see from the website, they have two-hour training sessions for new recruits from time to time.  I would assume that each of the trainees are given copies of the WACDTF Goals and Guidelines, also downloadable from their website.  I suggest you have that open in another browser window as we continue in this post.

Dear WACDTF neophytes!  A two-hour training session is simply not long enough to touch upon all the situations you might encounter!  While I might be what is called an "anti" in deathscort parlance, I do wish to be of assistance to you.  Therefore, as opportunity presents itself, I will be posting "action shots" so that you may understand what may really be expected of you, be those expectations ever so unspoken!

WACDTF site leader - emulating Bush!
Today at the Spring Street Planned Parenthood (Silver Spring, MD), we saw a goodly number of deathscorts who appeared to be new to us.  It appears that your site leader gave you a demonstration of the "chest block"!  So that all of you might recall the technique, I post it below so that you can review at your leisure.  Note the aplomb with which the site leader imposed herself in the personal spaces of the antis - several times.  I realize that there might have been some chagrin as the black-shirted "anti" actually managed to give to the boyfriend some pro-life literature, however you can't be successful in blocking the truth every time.  But I digress!  You might wish to be very, very careful if you employ this tactic; one wrong move by half an inch could mean assault/battery charges being levied against you.  Now please consult the WACDTF goals and guidelines in your other browser window; do you see this tactic being mentioned?  Odd - I don't!  You might wish to avoid it in its entirety - but what is being expected of you?

Now the video!  Learn your lessons!

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