Saturday, August 9, 2014

Very Good Reason To Say #no2cchd This Weekend

If you are having difficulty selecting one of the various ills of the CCHD to include on your donation refusal note, may I suggest one?  The reason's name is Ralph McCloud.  He is the current director of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  He held that position when he was campaign treasurer for Texas' Wendy Davis, aka "Abortion Barbie".  Although he was closely associated with her during their several years together in Texas politics - and took a prominent role in her campaign against a pro-life incumbent - he claims not to have known anything of her pro-abortion proclivities.  Either the man is 1) lying through his teeth, or 2) is so utterly oblivious to his surroundings that he has no business occupying a position of responsibility at the CCHD.

He also sits on the board of Interfaith Worker Justice.  Isn't it odd how his bio there is completely scrubbed of any mention of Wendy Davis?  They needn't have bothered.  This group was founded by a number of community organizers, including Alinskyian disciple Msgr Jack Egan (founder of the CCHD) and Bishop Howard Hubbard of Albany.  Bishop Hubbard also sits on the IWJ board.  For a run-down on the mess he made in Albany, check this out.

What sane person would trust their donation dollars to McCloud?


  1. Isn't it Wendy Davis in Texas? Wendy Wright is the name of a longtime conservative prolife activist (Concerned Women for America, etc.).

  2. Thanks for the "check this out" link! How I wish we could get printed literature into the hands of all Catholics one month prior to this diabolical collection. I email Bishops, my Bishop, and as many Catholics that I know...but that isn't touching the mass majority.


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