Monday, August 25, 2014

Update On The CBN-Shriver Situation

Yesterday I had sent several emails to CBN-Montgomery officers to protest the planned appearance of Mark Shriver.  Today I received a reply from Robert Scanlon, CBN-MC president.  He advised me that Shriver canceled his appearance due to a scheduling conflict.  Indeed, the main CBN page was changed to this:

He also mentioned that their board would discuss this matter at their next board meeting.  Therefore, I'd urge that we continue to write to them to remind them of the bishops' directives that those who flagrantly flout the Church's teachings on faith and morals not be honored and feted at Catholic venues.  The bishops' directive should be a key guiding principle as they select future speakers and guests of honor.

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  1. Well done faithful servant! May your success be duplicated 100 fold!


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