Tuesday, April 21, 2015

CRS In Damage Control Mode Now That It Is Known They've Been Harboring A Sodomite

Yesterday the Lepanto Institute broke the news that a Catholic Relief Services Vice President has been in a same-sex faux-marriage for two years.  Many of us joined the effort to shine the light of truth on that squalid situation.  It seems that Rick Estridge has been with CRS for sixteen years and was promoted to his current position two years ago, during the same month that he and his accomplice in mortal sin made a mockery of marriage.

True to typical CRS fashion, their higher-ups are in full-scale damage control mode.  From the National Catholic Register we read this statement from Tom Price, CRS Senior Manager for Communications: "Rick Estridge has served CRS for 16 years and currently holds the position as our vice president of overseas finance. Rick is in a same-sex civil marriage. At this point, we are in deliberations on this matter."

The "damage control" might be backfiring for that statement itself causes red flags to fly.  To wit:
  • I stated in my post yesterday that it is unreasonable to believe that CRS higher-ups, from Carolyn Woo up to the board of directors, did not know all along that Estridge was living in a state of objective mortal sin for at least two years, given his public profiles on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.  As of yesterday, those public profiles were gone as a part of the damage control effort, but prior to that the were available for all to behold.  How can it be that Catholic Relief Services, a self-described adherent to Catholic moral teaching, harbored a sodomite in its midst let alone promoting him?
  • Now they are "in deliberations!"  Just how long does it take to be "in deliberation"?  Let's put that question another way: how long would they have to be "in deliberation" if they had discovered that Estridge (or another CRS employee) was a card-carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan?  I'd bet that in that case, the "deliberation" time would have been a lot less than the time that Bishop Bootkowski et al spent in firing Patricia Jannuzzi or the time that the Archdiocese of Washington spent in kicking Father Guarnizo to the curb - and those were lightening-fast "deliberations"!  Mr. Price, why the delay?
Now it could be that they are contemplating the dismissal not only of Estridge but of his superiors who allowed the fetid stench to continue with the blessings of a CRS paycheck.  In fact, they all have betrayed the trust of the Catholic Church.  But I'm sure that's not the case and all we're seeing is a bunch of stone-walling.  The time has long since come to starve this CRS beast.


  1. Give to your LOCAL charities and food pantries instead. We have been doing that for several years now. We give to NO organizations headed by the Bishops. Fact of the matter is, we also give to the more Traditional Parishes in the area instead of a Parish that 'social justice' is the order of the day, even if that Parish happens to be our own. If enough people would do that, maybe they might get the hint?

  2. Another excellent group to give to are the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. They are under fire right now in San Francisco - where else - for walking out on the "Day of Silence" held at the Catholic High School where they teach:


    The comments made about these Sisters truly is hellish. They need to know you support them - even if it's just an email.


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