Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Many Souls Of Sr Joan Chittister

I never knew that Oprah Winfrey had a show called "Super Soul Sunday".  One could say that only shows my ignorance of "modern culture" but I'm not so sure that "modern culture" really is true culture, but that's fodder for another post.  She interviewed Sister Joan Chttister, heretic nun extraordinaire, recently.  The phrase "blind leading the blind comes to mind, but again I digress.

The discussion revolved around the topic of souls.  I link to the Huffington Post piece on the interview for that has a video of the actual interview, with all the gobblygoop pouring out of Chittister's mouth for all to hear.  I also link to NewAdvent's discussion of the soul, and the Catholic theological and philosophical treatment of the same.

Now how does "light of consciousness of the beauty of life" conform to the definition of "soul" as set forth by the Magisterium?  It doesn't - but that's Chttister's definition of "soul", as set forth in the beginning of the video.  I will not go into a "blow-by-blow" expose of the myriad of errors tumbling out of Chittister's mouth - except to say that her babblings about "layers of consciousness" can and will facilitate justification for abortion and euthanasia.  She says her soul now is different than her soul as a child; it is "thicker, deeper. warmer, brighter, wiser".  Thankfully she didn't add "more humble" as a characteristic of her, uh, "modern soul".

Ladies and gentlemen, we can expect more of this pig-slop now that the Holy Father has given the LCWR (Liberal Coven of Witches Recusant * Leadership Conference of Women Religious) a free pass to continue their mischief.

Besides Chittister, we may be treated to the snoots and snorts of Sister Ilia Delio.  Remember her?  I wrote about her when I discovered she was on the faculty of Georgetown University.  The Remnant recently picked up on her too, outlining some similarities between her and Pope Francis.

We have Our Lord's promise that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church.  However, much damage - and damnation of souls - will be the price to pay for the toleration of heretics in our midst.  Keep praying.  Keep shining the light and speaking out.

*Update - Pewsitter added the word "recusant" to my "LCWR" interpretation.  I like it!  I'll keep it!

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  1. Wasn't it Cardinal Muller who gave the OK to their 'reform to more authentic Church teaching', and that they had 'complied'' and surrendered to the Magisterium"? Of course it's true that Francis gave the final approval. That said, even if this is all true, now we can fully trust that they will 'behave' right??? I haven't seen the interview nor yet read it, but it sounds as if they are already back to their old tricks. Going now to check it out.


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