Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Truth Versus Heresy, Cardinal Versus Cardinal

I've written before about Cardinal Maradiaga and the harm he is wreaking on the Church.  Like a pesky weed he continues to undermine the Church from his position of influence as head of the group of top advisers to Pope Francis.  I can only surmise that Pope Francis approves of his dissidence; else he would have removed him just as he banished the good Cardinal Burke from the Vatican, but I digress.

Father Z relates that when Maradiaga was asked about Holy Communion for those in de facto adultery, he said, "Impossible?  No!"  He also blathered about an "ongoing synodal process" to bring about the abomination.  I'll look this up in Rules for Radicals, but I'm sure it's a tactic favored by Alinsky.  To paraphrase it in a poem, "Disobey!  Have your way!  Then one day they'll say ok!"

Cardinal Walter Brandmuller voiced quite an opposite statement, one that is faithful to the Teachings of Jesus Christ.  When he was asked about Holy Communion for those divorced and remarried, he said that would be possible only if they resolved to live as brother and sister.  He said this for sake of those with children who would be damaged by separation.  It is in this interview that Brandmuller took issue with the heresies of Cardinal Marx, stating that his statements "are in contradiction of the dogma of the Church".  It is worth noting that Cardinal Brandmuller takes direct exception to the notion that "pastoral practice" can stand in contradiction to Church dogma, as Cardinal Wuerl opined last October.

Let us pray for more leaders such as Cardinals Brandmuller, Muller, Burke, Pell, etc and that others like Cardinals Marx, Wuerl and Maradiaga repent and start acting like the Princes of the Church that they are.

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