Monday, April 6, 2015

The Delicacy Of Cardinal Dolan - Blech!

That's the only word I can use to describe Cardinal Dolan's cowardice before the gay-nazi juggernaut.  It is becoming more and more apparent with each passing day.  Says this powder-puff prince of the church (ever so delicately, of course!), "We've got to make sure that the rights of conscience and religious ability to publicly exercise one's religion is balanced with another good, namely the rights of people not to be discriminated against."

As I read the accounts of the Christian florists and bakers, along with the Memories Pizza people, it seems to me that they're the ones having their freedoms trampled AND suffering discrimination on account of their Christianity.  I'll post below a video taken by Steve Crowder, when he posed as a gay man to solicit cakes from Muslim bakers.  They refused to bake his cake.  Does the gay-mafia care?  No.  For reasons stated this past Friday, their animus is directed only at Christians.

Dolan continued to stuff both of his feet in his mouth.  He agreed with the statements of the Messiah Most Miserable when the latter tried to paint Christians as evil as Muslims during the most recent National Prayer Breakfast.  In other words, Obama used his bully pulpit to relegate us to the status as "niggers of the new age" - and Dolan nodded in agreement!

Then we have more mushy diffidence from His Eminence: "I just wish we could do that in a temperate civil way instead of screaming at each other."   Check out this interview with Crystal O'Connor, co-owner of Memories Pizza.  She didn't raise her voice once.  The death threats have been coming from the gay-nazi direction.  Why won't Dolan acknowledge that?

I do believe there are times when we must be insistent and drop the silly veneer of "tolerance" for when we adopt it, we compromise the truth.  Perhaps it's time that Cardinal Dolan and our Catholic clergy take some cues from this preacher who doesn't mince words!  Now I'll post the video that I mentioned in the second paragraph.

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  1. It is this cowardice which is what will eventually destroy us, I'm very much afraid. Just the other day some Swedish Catholic priest had to apologize - yes, apologize - to the minions of Big Buggery for suggesting that homosexuals can be brought back to living normal, healthy lives.

    As for Dolan, he is execrable.


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