Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Some Not-So-Surprising Factors That Occasioned Baltimore Riots

There's lots and lots of speculation regarding the underlying causes of the riots in Baltimore during this past week.  Ultimately the moral responsibility lies with those who perpetrated and engaged in the looting and destruction.  No one forced the thugs to loot stores, burn cars and heave rocks at police.  However there are other factors that contributed to the calamity in Baltimore.  And yes, there are those whose sick aims were furthered by the violence.

So what are some of these factors?  We have some really far-fetched crack-pot theories.  One CNN newsperson claimed that returning veterans are to blame (she was since forced to recant).  We have the Messiah Most Miserable himself trying to blame police in Fergusen race-baiting style.  He also tried to blame the GOP-Controlled Congress for not throwing what he considers adequate funding towards urban communities.  He was more or less echoed by Steny Hoyer, Minority Whip for Congress - and a Maryland Democrat.  He too clamored for more funding.

A post from the Maryland Conservative Action Network pointed out two key things regarding Baltimore.  The first was a facebook post written by Michael Smigiel, a Maryland State Delegate who sat on the Judiciary Committee and got quite an inside view regarding the draconian policies of Martin O'Malley, the former MD governor who was also once mayor of Baltimore.  He points out that the Baltimore Police, under then-mayor O'Malley, adopted a theory known as zero-tolerance policing, placing people under arrest for the most trivial of infractions.  In other words, he began to introduce a police-state.  Consider that O'Malley has his sights set on the White House; some say that Obama prefers him to Hillary Clinton.  If we want a harbinger of what the country would look like under an O'Malley presidency, we need look no further than Baltimore.  Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee, himself a Democrat, puts the blame squarely on "failed liberal policies".  There is much merit to what he says, but I think the problem is more insidious than that.

Let's look at the current mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.  She will never live down her admission that "we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well".  For those who find that hard to believe (especially since she's now trying to deny that statement,), I post the video.  After watching, please continue past it for more commentary.

This gal is not only mayor of Baltimore, but she serves as Secretary for the Democratic National Committee.  My!  Such a busy woman!  One might be tempted to excuse this teensy slip of the tongue, since she must be frazzled from wearing so many hats. may not be just a momentary gaffe.  Was it not Rahm Emanuel, aka "Deadfish Rahm-bo" now mayor of Chicago, who said "you never want a serious crisis to go to waste"?  Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King, penned an open letter to Blake urging her to resign her office.  That's a lovely thought, but I don't think that will happen.  I suspect she did precisely what the DNC higher-ups (and she's one of them!) wanted her to do.  Reat Matthew Vadum's take on the machinations that caused Blake to order the police stand-down.  They wanted the chaos, being the good little Alinksyans that they are.

One glimmering ray of hope came from all this as we all watched Toya Graham forcilbly remove her rioting son from the melee, administering motherly discipline as she did so.  Notice that the Baltimore Police Commissioner lauded her actions, saying "I wish I had more parents taking charge of their kids tonight".  However, that got one Washington Post writer in a hissy-snit-fit.  In her op-ed piece, she decried "the mom's violence", saying she was teaching her boy not to "resist white supremacy".   This lame-brain media gal is following the progressive mantra.  I'll translate her screed:"How dare the family step in and take charge of their own?  Don't they know that the village must raise their children?  They should step aside for we are the progressives and government is god!"  How's that for paraphrasing liberal gobbly-gook?

The Baltimore riot - engineered by the Messiah Most Miserable and his Minions Most Mindless.


  1. Right! 'Resist White Supremacy' . LOL......what 'White Supremacy' is this writer referring to when all of the City Officials in Baltimore (or almost all) are black and half of the Police Force are black as well? These progressives that now control our Media are consistently trying to paint these types of violent protests as 'white on black' issues when clearly race has NADA to do with it. Oh wait! That's right, you can feed people in this Country anything because they are mindless idiots.

  2. Factors leading to riots in our dysfunctional Democratic controlled cities:

    Numbers 1,2,3,&4: The absence of male authority figures to socialize boys into manhood. Boys biologically crave to enter into the adult male world and it's up to the male members of the tribe to guide them in such an endeavor. A mother can be the best mother in the world but she can't be a father; she can't teach him by her presence and example how to be a functional man. It takes a man to do that. It is quite logical for these male teenagers and young men to go out onto the streets and trash and burn if that's what it takes to bond with the only other males out there. These young men join gangs because it's the only group open to them where they can get the older male connections they crave to help them to navigate the adult male world. The Democrats will never admit this because their goal is to have these women and children under their control for generation after generation. After all, lose them and they lose their base.


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