Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pope Francis Did Obescience To Climate-Change Junk Science

Does my post title seem "mean-spirited"?  Guess again!  If only his actions were no more harmful than gullibly glomming onto a scam.  Alas, such is not the case.  By hosting today's conference on the "environment" today at the Vatican (via the Pontifical Academy of the Sciences), the pope has lent undeserved credibility to anti-life forces.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute, were in attendance.  Voice of the Family issued a statement detailing their concerns regarding these individuals and their advocacies for abortion and "population control".  The statement can be read at LifeSiteNews.  The presence of these two causes many faithful Catholics much concern, especially as this summit occurs so close to the scheduled release of the much-ballyhooed papal encyclical on the environment.

Also of concern is the apparent bias towards blind acceptance of the climate-change junk science, a bias that seems to have made itself manifest in stifling the voices of those who differ from the progressives in attendance.  Read this first-hand account of the treatment meted out to known opponents of the climate-change mantra during the meeting.  One of those who dared to think independently (and who was under watch durng the meeting) was Lord Christopher Monckton.  Speaking beforehand at a meeting held by the Heartland Institute and Cornwall Alliance, had some very direct words for the pope.  He said to him in abstensia and on account of the Vatican meeting, "you demean the office that you hold and you demean the church whom it is your sworn duty to protect and defend and advance."  In my opinion, Monkton is correct.  The pope has no special expertise on scientific manners; when he brings the weight of the papal office to bear on personal opinions, he not only demeans his office, but he prostitutes it.

I link now to a statement made by Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.  She said that the "earth is already overburdened with people" and we should look to depopulate it!  Can anyone doubt that these are the beliefs that Ban Ki-Moon brought with him to the Vatican meeting?

The "climate change" mantra has always been a vehicle whereby anti-life and anti-God forces introduce themselves to gullible and careless minds.  Below I'll post two videos: both old but well worth watching.  The first is Michael Voris' expose of the entire global climate change schtick: it's long but well worth the time investment if you really want to understand the forces in play here.  The second is Michael Hichborn's expose of Jeffrey Sachs and the enormous harm he has done by introducing the climate-change and population-control poison into various Catholic organizations.

Today's  "Protect the Earth, Dignify Humanity: The Moral Dimensions of Climate Change and Sustainable Development" (what an ostentatious mouthful!) meeting was nothing short of an abysmal debacle.  We pray that it never be repeated.  Should progressive errors pollute this awaited encyclical, we will call a spade a spade.  Now the videos.

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