Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Holy Thursday - Pope Francis Washed The Feet Of A "Transexual Woman"

I put the phrase "transexual woman" because in reality what is being described is a man who has mutilated himself to appear to be a woman.  He calls himself "Isabel" and has given an interview about the travesty.  I'll link you to the Glora.TV site for that video has English subtitling.

As you'll hear, the poor man has been confirmed in his dangerous delusions by the actions of the pope - or the people who arranged to have his feet washed by the pope.  It is unclear how much the pope knew of this man.  For that matter we cannot guess the level of knowledge possessed by the priest who gave to "Isabel" Holy Communion.  They may have sincerely believed that he is a woman.  That said, the foot-washing scandal with "Isabel" would never have happened if the pope had respected Canon Law's prohibition against the washing of women's feet on Holy Thursday.


  1. It seems to be a free for all in Rome. An unbelievable degradation of the commemoration of Our Lord's Last Supper. Praying he was not aware.

  2. I agree with TLM. The Pope may not have known, but SOMEONE in the Church DID know and (I believe) set it up. The smoke of satan IS in the Church. :(

  3. And it is quickly turning into a 'raging fire'.


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