Thursday, April 16, 2015

Archbishop Cordileone Under Attack - Will Pope Francis Support Him After Letting The LCWR Run Amok?

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, prelate of San Francisco, has made heroic efforts to cleanse the progressive rot inside Catholic schools and other structures in his archdiocese that have been allowed to fester for way too long.  The link above documents that, and the opposition that he has had to withstand.  It should be mentioned that some of that opposition has come from local governments, who ignore the real intent of the First Amendment's prohibition against governmental interference with the free exercise of religious beliefs.

Some ignorant and/or disobedient Catholics have taken out an ad to publish an open letter to Pope Francis.  They are petitioning the Pope to remove Cordileone and replace him with a progressive to their own likening.  Their main beef seems to be the archbishop's insistence that teachers in the Catholic schools there conduct themselves in manners that conform with Catholic moral teaching.  Imagine that!  Asking Catholic teachers to behave like - Catholics!  Who-da thunk it?  All they do is display their own desperate need for real Catholic education.

Now think this through!  Can you imagine these same parents lambasting an Islamic school for insisting that its teachers live by Muslim doctrines?  No!  It defies common sense!  But common sense means nothing to those whose consciences cannot bear the truth of God because their own lives are lived in disobedience to God.  I believe this is a key reason why these dissidents are gnashing their teeth at Archbishop Cordileone.  This move to marginalize the archbishop and other faithful Catholics in their own schools and churches is part of a move to relegate us to the status of "niggers of the new age".

According to some reports, many of the signers of this letter are wealthy and influential.  Well, whoop-dee-doo!  In this attack against the Archbishop, these individuals place their own immortal souls in jeopardy, and their so-called "wealth and influence" won't do diddly-squat if they die unrepentant.

Some have opined that this letter is a gesture that won't have any impact on the Pope.  In a saner time I could have joined in that optimism.  However, two events give me "cause for pause".
  1. There is the abysmal treatment meted out to Father Marcel Guarnizo three years ago at my own parish when Father withheld Holy Communion to a flagrant lesbian.  Cardinal Wuerl had him thrown under the bus when the gay community started yipping and yapping.  Whether or not the chancery silently agreed with the gays or they simply cowed before them I cannot tell.  The entire chancery failed miserably in behaving like true followers of Jesus Christ.  If the DC chancery wimped out then, might the nuncio wimp out now?
  2. There is today's news that the Vatican is ending its review and reform of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.  The attempt to reform the LCWR was undertaken by Pope Benedict XVI, and long overdue for the LCWR has long been a cesspool of dissent and spiritual poison.  Now we hear that Pope Francis thinks all is well and good and that LCWR business can resume as before!  If that be the case with the LCWR, might there be similar attitudes displayed against the Archdiocese of San Francisco?   Note: Vox Cantoris points out that this travesty was committed on Pope Benedict's birthday.  Did the pope just slap his predecessor in the face?
Please consider signing a petition to support the Archbishop.  This petition is an initiative of LifeSiteNews.   Of course please pray and speak out.  Thank you.


  1. Archbishop Cordileone is a hero. We must pray for him intently. This is the kind of 'heroic virtue' that helps get people to Heaven without too much time in purgatory, me thinks.:) I can't help but almost hear the Lord saying to him: 'Well done my good and faithful servant, now come enter the house of my Father.'

    Now, as for these 'Catholic' parents in his Diocese. I would say they are 'Non Catholic' Catholics, or maybe even 'Non Christian Christians.' I happened to read an article on the LCWR that Francis cleared yesterday. Seems that Archbishop Muller is (supposedly) satisfied that they have had a change of 'spiritual ideology'. and they will work very hard not to fall into the anti Catholic, anti Christian spirituality that they have been promoting for so many years now. My feeling is that they know full well the modern views of Francis and will happily follow the leader from now on, so I guess, same ol, same ol. I just wonder how closely they will be 'watched' or even reprimanded if they fall off the wagon from here on out.

  2. All the bishops who, like Cardinal Wuerl, are refusing to obey Canon 915, are repeatedly committing public grave sins, because giving Communion to a notorious, obstinate grave sinner is, in each and every case, grave matter. This has been thoroughly demonstrated to them by their brother bishop, Cardinal Raymond Burke.

    As long as only about dozen American bishops are obeying Canon 915, our hierarchy are publicly committing repeated grave sins, and will not have the courage, or even the desire, to correct the kind of corruption that Archbishop Cordileone is correcting.


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