Sunday, April 26, 2015

Some More Videos - And A Question Regarding One Of Them

Yesterday I stated that I would upload more videos that I took of yesterday's March for Marriage.  The first is a talk by a Protestant preacher - his name escapes me.  He explained to us the alphabetical structure of the Hebrew words for "man" and "woman".  I won't rehash the explanation here; please listen to it (I'll put all videos at the bottom of this post).  Suffice it to say that God hints that there will literally be hell to pay if two of the same sex try to join as man and woman were created to do.  Please keep this on the back burner as I comment on the third video of this post.

The second video gives more of an idea of our numbers.  The march is underway.  We're leaving the Mall and walking east on Constitution Avenue, passing the Capitol (it's to our left).  We are walking up an incline so that allows me several panoramic shots of the crowds behind me.  Some of you may notice the Knights Templar flag in front of me.  Towards the end of that clip, as we're turning onto First Street to end between the Capitol and the Supreme Court building, you'll hear two songs: the TFP band is playing the Marine Corps anthem while some Steubenville students are chanting the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  That juxtaposition of music is quite symbolic of the two stances that we must simultaneously adopt: one of prayer and supplication to God and one of standing firm in the world - both proper to the Church Militant.

When I took the third video, we had arrived at the Supreme Court, and one of the NOM speakers has the mike.  A woman is waving a rather large sign.  On one side we read "In the end Mary's Immaculate Heart will triumph."  The other side says "Gay Marriage is satanic."  Both of these statements are very true!  Yet it's clear that the NOM speaker disapproved of it, going so far as to threaten to have the sign taken from the woman.  "Everyone here knows that this is not what we stand for," the speaker said.  I wonder if he read the sign closely.  Did he think it said "gays are satanic"?  If so, he needs glasses!.  It's gay marriage that's satanic.  Remember the first video?  The Hebrew letter structure gives clear indications of God's opinion regarding that very matter.

I was with a friend and both he and I failed to understand why they found the woman's sign to be problematic.  It was truthful.  Yes, it pulled no punches - but that's a good thing!  Ladies and gentlemen, as long as we knot our knickers in trying to be "nice" and "positive" and "sweet" and "smiley", we will lose this battle and eventually the entire war!  It's time we took off the kiddie gloves and came out swinging.  All in all, NOM did an excellent job, especially in light of the opposition we encountered at the Supreme Court.

Speaking of "satanic gay marriage", what is the Catholic Relief Services doing about their vice president who is embroiled in that arguably satanic situation?  See here and here.  Well.., they're still "deliberating"!  Surprise!  In other words, they're stonewalling, hoping that we'll forget about it.  We won't!

Now the videos:


  1. In the end the IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY WILL TRIUMPH! AND SHE WILL CRUSH THE HEAD OF THE SERPENT!! She will get to the very core of twisted and diabolical agendas like this of so called 'Gay Marriage' and completely annihilate them all. Meanwhile we pray and offer sacrifices while the Church of Christ walks the road of Calvary, while courageously speaking truth in no UNCERTAIN TERMS. Jesus was not a wimp, nor did He pull any punches about the nature of sin and those who promote it nor what would happen to those who did. He plainly said these people unless they convert to His will and the will of the Father will end up in the torments of Hell FOREVER. He called a spade a spade......we need to do the same.

    As St. Pio said: 'If you don't believe in Hell, you will when you get there.'

  2. Thank you for these. They are fabulous. Very encouraging to those of us on the other side of the Country that could not physically make the March. We were all standing with you in our hearts!!

  3. In regards to the sign, we watched the State Democratic Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz of New York speech on LiveStream/LifeSiteNews (cannot find it again now?) He appeared to us to be totally out of place for this march. He had some correct remarks about marriage in general, but most of his talk was bragging about himself. Our sense was that something might not be quite right at NOM in picking a caricature like Senator Diaz to talk. If you can find the talk, you should listen to it and make your own assessment.

    Regards to everyone, Leon & Lucy


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