Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Center For Medical Progress Releases Eleventh Video

The 11th video from Center for Medical Progress is out.  As I listened to those women talk, I had to wonder if there were any tiny remnants of humanity within their psyches.  Listen to them discuss "removing lower extremities to grasp the spine", "getting intact calvariums (heads) is something to strive for", "livers and hearts are cute".  If any pro-choice person is reading and watching, take warning, for if you continue to support the murder of babies you will experience the death of your own conscience and humanity and eternal damnation should you die in this state.

One positive sign I saw was their obvious discomfort at the Texas political climate.  In that whole state, only eight abortion mills operate.  We have that many in Montgomery County MD.  The air down there must be so much cleaner and fresher than here.  We of course rejoice in the recent raids of Planned Parenthood mills in Texas by state officials.  Owing to the sin-nod I was unable to focus on that but I salute the state of Texas and Governor Greg Abbott.

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