Friday, October 16, 2015

Time To End The SinNod Charade

At the sin-nod, some faithful prelates have been speaking forthrightly about the satanic manipulation of the sin-nod that seems to be the aim of Vatican authorities, including the pope.  Archbishop Tomash Peta of Astana likened the language of the Instrumentum Laboris to "the smoke of Satan".  He spoke particularly of attempts to liberalize Holy Communion for those in adultery and to normalize sodomite acts.  Cardinal Robert Sarah of Guinea also expressed concern at the obvious manipulation of the sin-nod.

LifeSiteNews interviewed Cardinal Burke recently.  Recall that he attended last year's sin-nod.  On account of the marginalization that he suffered at the hands of the pope, he is not part of this on-going sin-nod.  In that interview, Burke addressed the sin-nod proposal that local bishops decide for their own diocese whether or not they will allow sodomites and/or adulterers to receive Holy Communion.  He if that were to happen the Church would compromise her character of being universal.

While I applaud these prelates (and others speaking out), I fear their words fall on deaf, indifferent and even hostile ears within the Vatican.  They can speak all they want, but the sin-nod honchos are going to have their way, I suspect.  Many of us believe that if the good bishops cannot improve things at the sin-nod, it may well behoove them to walk out of the sin-nod rather than dignify the charade with their presence.  A walk-out would send the message that they will not allow "pastoral" slop to be issued in their name.  A group called Canon 212 Society has put together a petition asking the faithful prelates to consider a walkout should the sin-nod honchos prove to be absolutely incorrigible.   I have signed it and urge you to sign it as well, at this link.  After you sign, please share it far and wide.


  1. Have signed, commented and shared. Time for the faithful to stand up and at the very least give faithful Bishops our support. With this petition they know we have their backs, and if this sham doesn't end, they need to WALK. Thank you for sounding the alarm, without you and other faithful bloggers as well, the faithful would be more or less in the dark. God Bless you for all you do!

  2. I humbly disagree. St. Michael the Archangel will stay and thrust into hell satan and all evil spirits seeking the ruin of souls. These are men, not women. These men of strong Faith and courage must give their all to combat evil. I ask that Catholic faithful reconsider, pray, fast, encourage, but allow this force for Good to fulfill their duty and calling. Respectfully submitted.

    1. Mary's Child Mariann - Whether or not the Bishops walk out, we owe Our Lord and His Bride, the Church, our loyalty and valor.
      It has less to do with what these men will do and more to do with our willingness to stand for Him. Cardinal Pell said they will not walk out. Now go sign to show you stand with them whether they walk or not.


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