Sunday, October 4, 2015

Oregon Community College Shootings - Another Important Aspect To Consider

First, let's all pray for the repose of those killed in the mass murder last week.  It is no secret that this gunman Chris Mercer, targeted Christians.  He queried his victims before he shot them; the Christians were shot in the head while non-Christians were shot in the legs.  That aspect was curiously absent from Obama's remarks after the shooting.  Had the victims been shot because they were anything but Christian, Obama would have denounced the hate-crime aspect of the murders.  But it is not Obama's screed that I want to address at this time, loathsome as it was.

As I understand the accounts, most or all of the mayhem happened in two classrooms, with goodly numbers of people in each of these, and Mercer acted by himself.  I'll ask this question point-blank.  Out of all those people, why did only one individual, Army veteran Chris Mintz, think to charge at Mercer?  Again, consider that Mercer was by himself while there were many potential victims.  How could it not have occurred to them, especially after he began shooting people one by one, that they'd all at least be wounded if they remained passive?  Did not one of them have the presence of mind to rally the others to rush at Mercer and disarm him before more bloodshed occurred?

I think we can lay some of the blame for that on our educational system and progressive culture.  For quite some time now, modern public education has been in the business of turning our children into stupified, passive sheeple who are incapable of thinking outside of the "victim box" into which the NEA has dictated our children must place themselves.  Indeed, students who dared to think outside the "sheeple box" often found themselves punished for so doing.  For example:
  • Last week in California, a high school student saw a blind student being bullied by another teen.  He punched the bully to the ground and tended to the blind student.  For his heroic actions, the school suspended the good samaratan.
  • See this account for punishment meted out to two other students for assisting others.
Then there are the public-education nitwits who are afflicted with vapors at the mere thought of children even thinking about guns.  See this and this and this for three such accounts.  I, a citizen of Maryland, am ashamed that all these occurred in my home state.  I bring up these to show how public school students are being taught to shun the idea of self-reliance for their own safety, and punished if they don't accept the pabulum being force-fed to them.

Those Oregon victims who professed their Christianity were shot out of hatred for the faith.  But I daresay many of them were shot because they didn't lift a finger to defend themselves and other students.  Yes, I know that they may have been shot if they would have attempted such self-defense, but that obviously happened anyway.  Had they taken the actions that Mintz took I suspect many lives would have been saved - including Mercer's.

Again, I fault our education system for their obvious failures to mentally equip young people to be proactive about self-defense.  Perhaps for the Christians, their pastors may want to reevaluate how they balance the teaching of "turn the other cheek" with morally legitimate self-defense.  As I understand Christ's admonition, "turn the other cheek" does not mean acquiescence to a madman intent on harming many others besides oneself.  I don't think it's any coincidence that Mintz is a military veteran.  He received training that would have undone some of the progressive mental damage that so many young people endure these days. 

Public education is turning our young people into passive sheeple who learn to depend on the government for everything, including their safety.  We need to counteract that, and the parents and pastors must step up to the plate and teach our young (and ourselves) how to be proactive and tough (in the proper way) to take charge and deal proactively with our surroundings.

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