Friday, October 23, 2015

The Church Must Be A-Changing!

Today while the sin-nod is in its last days (Deo Gratias!) the pope delivered a homily at Mass.  I've got to believe that it's part of the ongoing #maturation.  In short, he opined that Catholics must read the "signs of the times" and change with them.  Of course he threw out a parenthetic remark about staying within the bounds of truth, but that means we're getting praxis-vs-dogma gobblygoop.  I pray that this is not a harbinger of the final product of the sin-nod, but wouldn't be surprised if it is.

As I read it, I thought to myself, "he'd be channeling his inner Bob Dylan, except that Dylan's still alive"!   With that thought came inspiration for the jingle that I just now threw together.  If I say so myself, it sums up both the sin-nod and today's homily.  Those of you who remember the 1960s might find yourselves singing it to Dylan's tune.  In (dis)honor of the sin-nod, I present (drums and trumpets please, and yes a patent is pending)


Come gather you bishops, cardinals and priests
Come gather all of liberal stripe
Time to promulgate progressive tripe
At all faithful Catholics we’re going to snipe
Under the cover of false mercy hype
For the Church must be a-changing.

Come quickly Baldiserri, Rosica, Marx
Durocher, Lombardi, Kasper and Wuerl
Let our heretical colors unfurl
On Holy Communion we’ll heap sacrilege
From saints and Church fathers we’ll burn that bridge
For the Church must be a-changing.

Gadecki and Sarah, keep your mouths closed
By Sarah and Pell we won’t be opposed
Because they rebuke us we hold them as dopes
Part of the crowd who just don’t like the pope
Our sins we won’t confess ‘cause we must make a mess
For the Church must be a-changing.


  1. I agree with the pope. We have to change.

    But... let the pope set the example. He's been doing the same stuff for decades, and it is time for HIM to change.

    Catholics await the time when the pope changes what he is doing. After he does that, perhaps we will change. Until then, it's just words.

    No dice.

  2. Rather say, "the Church must be a-charging!"


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