Monday, October 5, 2015

And So The Sin-Nod Begins

Michael Voris of ChurchMilitant.TV is covering the sin-nod as it progresses.  Today's Vortex is the first installment (I believe).  In it he mentions that a goal that many progressives have for it is the normalization of homosexuality in the Church.  That is a reasonable hypothesis.  I also point out that many of us believe that this sin-nod is rigged and that it merely serves as a front to insinuate progressive documents to change "pastoral practice" in the Church.  We know that Our Lord will not allow solemnly-proclaimed dogma to change, but the change of practice can have very similar effects and most likely with devastating consequences.

Voice of the Family is the organization to which Voris alludes that produced the expose of the sin-nod's Instrumentum Laboris.  During last year's debacle, they were one of several leading voices for truth and sanity there.  They would be worthwhile to follow as this thing unfolds.

Voris made mention of Msgr Krzysztof Charamsa, who has worked since 2003 at the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith and has also taught theology at various pontifical universities.  He recently "came out as gay", that is, he announced and wallowed in his mortal sin of sodomy.  He did this in a press conference with his accomplice in mortal sin.  Here is a brief account of that mess, along with the announcement of Father Federico Lombardi that Chramsa was dismissed.  But take note of Lombardi's words.  Charamsa was publicly rebuked not because of his sins against nature, chastity and his priestly vows, but because his announcement "on the eve of the synod appears very serious and irresponsible".  In other words, he's simply being spanked for embarrassing all the other homophiles in the Vatican, possibly tipping their hands.

Two years ago, Father Dariusz Oko published an expose of the gay-mafia within the Vatican.  He recently gave an interview concerning the Chramsa matter (ht- Toronto Catholic Witness).  He seems to state that Charamsa is just one part of the "lavendar mafia" within the Vatican.  I think he's right.  Now today's Vortex.

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  1. I remember Pope Emeritus Benedict leaving a packet of documented proof of the lavender mafia inside the Vatican for the next Pontiff to go through. Haven't heard anything of this since. Did Pope Francis get it? Did he read it? Does he know what's going on? God forbid, does he go along with it? I cannot imagine in my wildest wildest dreams that even HE would approve of such filth.


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