Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sin-Nod Slop Oozed Into My Parish Mass This Morning Via Two Zingers

I'll deal with the more insidious zinger first.  As the name of this blog suggests, I am located in the Archdiocese of Washington and the archbishop is Cardinal Donald Wuerl.  As this Church Militant article (and so many of my own posts) states, he is decidedly on the progressive side.  The video makes mention of a priest being disciplined for upholding Canon 915 back in 2012.  Regular readers of this blog will immediately realize that the priest is Father Marcel Guarnizo and it was at my parish where Father Guarnizo attempted to prevent sacrilege.  For some refresher on that situation and the heinous treatment meted out to Father Guarnizo under the direction of Cardinal Wuerl, please click on the archives to the right and read the posts from late Feb 2012 through March 2012.

Presently Cardinal Wuerl is in Rome as one of the synod fathers.  No one doubts that he is lending his hand to the Kasper-Marx-Cupich crowd.  Recall the blasphemies suggested by both Marx and Cupich.  Both prelates are openly calling for the Church to dissent from the teachings of Christ Himself with regards to adultery, sodomy and contraception, and to allow those engaging in these mortally sinful acts to receive Holy Communion.  Hold that thought as I relate what happened a few hours ago at Mass.

One of the prayers during the "Prayers of the Faithful" was for families.  I don't have the text verbatum but still the words were clear: "For families during this time of the synod as they are under attack from addiction, immigration, deportation and poverty".  Leaving aside (for the moment) the open embrace of left-wing positions on lesser issues, do you notice what's missing from that list of malevolent forces that attack our families?  Yes - those sins against family and life that are always intrinsically evil.  I'll list them below:
  • Abortion.  That should be included in that list, as abortion is literally an attack on a most helpless babies by members of his/her own family.
  • Homosexual conduct.  Those engaged in such sins make a mockery of families.  Two of the same gender who "play house" together are NOT families, wicked and inane civil laws notwithstanding.  We pity and pray for the children embroiled in these situations as they are denied the mother and the father that they need and deserve.
  • Contraception.  Usage of these substances distorts the meaning of true marital love and is the most reliable predictor of divorce.
Yet these evils were not included in the list of forces that tear families apart.  Thinking back on the sin-nod, it's not difficult to realize why they were deliberately omitted from that list.  These are the very behaviors that Marx et al want to legitimatize by use of the sin-nod, and he most likely has an ally in Cardinal Wuerl.  Looking at the matter from the progressive viewpoint, how could Wuerl's chancery mandate or even allow them to be included when the progressives at the sin-nod are trying to "mainstream" them into Church life?

I realize that this omission during the prayer may seem like a minor little thing, but it is precisely by these "minor little things" that they hope to change the mindsets of Catholics in the pew.  That's how these little "zingers" work; the less noticed they are, the more effective they are.  This questionable prayer is NOT the only "zinger" that happened in today's 9:30 AM Mass at St John Neumann in Gaithersburg MD.  Let's look at "zinger #2".

Zinger #2 was embodied in the offertory hymn, When Jesus Came Preaching by Fred Pratt Green.  First let's take a look at Mr. Green, a now-deceased Methodist minister.  It's no surprise that he wasn't Catholic, given his ignorance at what comprises the Church.  For that reason I'm somewhat relieved for I'd hate to think that Catholic education was lousy even in the early 20th century.  There are articles on the internet that indicate he may have run afoul of even Methodist theology.  Wikipedia speaks of his "rejection of fundamentalism" and "concern with social issues".  In an obituary written in 2000, the Telegraph states he was a "liberal in matters of faith" and quoted him saying that his wife said he was a Taoist.  But enough of Mr. Green.

The theologically sloppy line in the song is this: "..our mission to serve that has made us His church from the start".  The song is saying that the "mission to serve" created the Church, or at least is its primary reason for existing.  Both are false.

Let us resort to the old Baltimore Catechism, which does a very nice job in summarizing things in "question-answer" format.  We'll look at questions 137 and 138.
  • Who founded the Church?  Jesus Christ founded the Church.
  • Why did Jesus Christ found the Church?  Jesus Christ founded the Church to bring all men to eternal salvation.
So there you have it.  Jesus founded the Church - that is the One True Roman Catholic Church - for the purpose of bringing all to eternal salvation.  Yes, the Church does engage in the Corporal Works of Mercy, but these are ordered to eternal salvation.  They are not ends in and of themselves and they certainly aren't the creating principle behind the inception of the Church.  However, many of the "social gospel" cartel do not accept that for many in fact don't believe in life after death.  That is why so many of them have no problem striking hands with those who promote the Culture of Death.  They don't care about eternal ramifications for they don't believe in them.  If all they believe in is the "here and now", no wonder why they want the Church to disregard matters of faith and morals and become just another social service agency.  I believe that is some of the motivation behind the nonsense at the sin-nod.  We need to speak up and pray.


  1. Absolutely fantastic post! I agree with everything said here. And watering-down the Prayers of the Faithful is a very important matter--and this was not just done as a result of the on-going Synod, although that is likely having a negative effect. However, I have heard these types of prayers in many places, both at the two parishes I attend and otherwise. It is sad and quite sinister.


  2. Yep, they have done the same in my Parish with 'The Prayers of the Faithful'. It's all about 'poverty and immigration' that we pray for. NOTHING AT ALL about SIN. Oh wait! They are eliminating sin from the Catechism, silly me, I forgot about that. Now, all we have to worry about is making THIS WORLD a better place for future generations. Guess we don't have to worry about getting to Heaven.....EVERYBODY GETS THERE!!!

  3. Oh and BTW, lucky me, I'm in Cupich's Diocese. Wuerl and Cupich are cut from the same cloth.......and it's not from the cloth they wear.

  4. Great post. Two things...thing one: You wrote, "They don't care about eternal ramifications for they don't believe in them." It would seem to me that this must be because of the "tsk, tsk, don't speak so harshly...the journey...the lack of teaching and formation provided on moral evils..."

    Thing two: The TLM does not pray these hokey prayers...this is one of the areas gutted from the Holy Mass. The Offertory prayers:
    - Our offering of petition through the offertory verse
    - We offer ourselves
    - Our union with Christ
    - We pray for the world (for mercy for our salvation for that of the whole world) - as you state "Salvation" is what we are about
    - We ask God to accept our self-offering
    - Our invocation to the Holy Spirit
    - Our offering to the Blessed Trinity
    - The Priest reminds us that we offer with him
    - Finally, the Secret, our offering prayer
    Which leads to the Preface of the Canon.
    Whenever I return to the N.O., the clarity of this central theme has been gutted and I find, unlike many around me, I actually listen to the petition for I will not ask the Lord to hear my prayer on most of what they are requesting.

    God's blessings upon you.



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