Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sin-Nod Going Downhill Fast

Lepanto Institute published a piece today regarding the designs that Freemasonry has had on the Church, to destroy her by corrupting her morally.  I believe we are now seeing how far they've made inroads into the Church hierarchy, filling it with homosexuals and other dissidents.

Already we are hearing at this sin-nod talk of:
As Rorate says, the sin-nod is degrading to a freak show.

There is some positive "push-back" to the crap that is pouring forth from the sin-nod.  Some bishops, mainly from Africa and Poland, are standing firm.  Archbishop Gadecki of Poland has denounced the "Kasper proposal" and the "gender ideology" being promoted at the sin-nod (and elsewhere).   Regarding my second bullet point, Michael Voris reports that the bishop who made that crack was openly and loudly confronted by a priest for "confusing the faithful" and not knowing the Faith themselves.  Good for that priest!


  1. And I heard also on EWTN that someone is proposing going back to the 'General Confession' where the sacrament is reduced to a 'Penance Service' and the Priest gives 'General Absolution' to the Congregation. No need for one on one Confessions, in fact they're 'terribly intimidating' to people that have felt 'unwelcome because of their sin'. As was explained, a General Confession would be more or less an 'Ice Breaker' to lure them back into the Church. You know................MORE.MERCIFUL and WALKING WITH THEM. UGH!!!

    For whatever reason, I have been particularly worried about the sacrament of reconciliation for a number of months now. Cannot tell you why, but I kept praying that the Dear Lord would provide Confessors for the faithful in the dark days ahead. What kept going through my mind was: 'Dear Lord, what if we have no one to Confess to'???!! Maybe the Holy Spirit was giving me a 'heads up'? Lord have MERCY, are they out to destroy ALL THE SACRAMENTS???!!!


  2. General Absolution will essentially make the Church protestant. We interiorly tell God our sins directly, no intermediary, no kneeling, no person to person absolution. Can someone tell me whether the Church even has the authority to make individual confession optional? In other words, can the Church absolve sins without individual one on one confession? I'm not sure I know the answer, but I doubt that's possible?


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