Tuesday, October 20, 2015

They "Just Don't Like The Pope"

More prelates are taking stands against the venom pouring from the sin-nod.
  • Bishop Krzysztof Bialasik, Polish missionary to Bolivia, denounced abortion and "gender ideology" and lamented that the sin-nod did not address these matters.
  • Archbishop Zbigniew Stankiewicz, on behalf of the Latvian Bishops' Conference, denounced the idea of Holy Communion for unrepentant adulterers and sodomites.
  • Again we hear from Cardinal Pell as he rejects "continental Catholicism".
  • Archbishop Gadecki has again denounced the none-too-subtle attempt by "sin-nod fathers" to dilute Catholic doctrine.
  • Cardinal Jorge Urosa defended teaching on the Holy Eucharist, reminding all that the prodigal son was embraced by his father only after he returned home.
  • Cardinal Burke stated that if being "fundamentalist" meant upholding Church teaching, then he was happy to be so, for that teaching will save souls.  Imagine that!  A Prince of the Church concerned with the mission that Christ gave to His Church, to save souls!  These days, that's a rarity.
  • SinNod's Moral
  • Cardinal Arinze reminded us all that those in objectively sinful situations cannot receive Holy Communion in good conscience.
God bless these prelates (and others) who are standing up to the obvious attempt to exploit the synod for heretical purposes.  Dare I suspect that Cardinal Wuerl would count them in the number of those who "just don't like this pope"?  By the way; who taught the "conscience reigns supreme" crowd their moral theology?  Jiminy Cricket?


  1. Cardinal Wuerl reminds me of the Democrats who push the race card every chance they get when Obama is criticized by conservatives. "It's because he's black"........"It's because they........ just don't like the Pope." How utterly arrogant of this man who thinks we are all too stupid to see through that statement.

  2. Yep, conscience reigns supreme, but they conveniently left out 'PROPERLY FORMED'. Since Vat ll, how many have had their conscience properly formed? They have effectively put them to sleep by their dereliction of duty.........'I'm OK, you're OK reigns supreme with these heretics, and they are relentless and cunning in their quest to destroy the Church.

  3. So what if someone doesn't like a pope?

    There's nothing in Catholic theology that says Catholics have to "like" any particular pope. There are quite a few in the past who I'm sure I wouldn't like... at all.

    I think popes who dig up the bodies of dead popes and put them on trial are sick. If I were around back then, I wouldn't like Stephen VI. Nor would I like John XII. There are numerous others whom I would not like: the ones who bought their office, the ones with girlfriends and illegitimate children, the ones who feasted like kings.

    What's wrong with not liking them?

  4. Help me with this question. In 2005, a Catholic obtains a civil divorce. In 2010 he civilly re-marries. In 2015, he is granted an annulment and has his marriage blessed by the Church. Was he adulterous from 2010-2015? It seems not. Were he to receive communion during these years, let's say with his status unknown to the priest, would his sin not be a failure to respect a legitimate juridical process of the Church (which would be a sin) but not the sin of adultery?


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