Friday, October 2, 2015

Two Interviews Tell Quite The Tale

Two days ago we heard news about the pope' interview with Kim Davis while he was in town last week.  It turns out he had another interview of a very different kind.  A former student of the pope's, Yayo Grassi, met with him.  This student, a male, brought along with him his accomplice in the mortal sin of sodomy, as well as his mother.  LifeSiteNews has more details along with video.  The video shows the pope embracing his former student and warmly shaking the other sodomite's hand.  The mother of the student appears overcome with emotion.  I wonder what it can be, given her son is living in mortal sin?  All are speaking in Italian I believe.  Does anyone have a decent  idea of the conversation?

The pope is the chief shepherd of souls.  Nowhere do I see any exhortation of the pope to the two men that they must separate lest they risk damnation and an eternity in hell.  This interview was scandalous, and those most scandalized were the two gays, as well as all others who either participate in, or support that evil.  It is they who stand to literally lose their souls owing to the lack of spiritual mercy being shown them.  Let us remember that the first Spiritual Work of Mercy is to "rebuke the sinner".

Now we hear news that the Vatican has shifted into "damage control mode" over the interview,   Father Rosica has acknowledged that the interview had "negative impact" while Father Lombardi said the meeting should not be considered a show of support.  But wait a minute!  These two Vatican officials weren't speaking of the Grassi interview, but rather the one with Kim Davis.  In fact, Father Lombardi went so far as to say, "The only real audience granted by the Pope at the Nunciature was with one of his former students and his family (Grassi)".  See this LifeSiteNews piece for details.

Let's unpack this, shall we?  After news broke of the Davis meeting, all the progressives waxed huffy about it, expressing   Well, my goodness!  The Vatican progressives can't have any of that going on now, can they?  That goes double due to the sin-nod that will commence next week.  So they immediately had to start groveling before their puppet-masters and sugar-daddies and claim that the Davis interview is fake while the Grassi one was the real deal.  Got that?  Good!

This gives us more of a picture of what kind of circus this sin-nod will be.  Pray!

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  1. There is no doubt in my mind that this upcoming Synod will be an epic disaster for the Church. I'm preparing myself now for the fall out in as much as one can be prepared for such a thing. I watched Raymond Arroyo this past week on World Over and he (as much as possible given he is EWTN) sounded the warning siren as well in rehashing some of the 'CLUES' as he put it on where the Holy Father is coming from and how things will flesh out during the Synod. He also re ran partial clips of his interviews with Cdl. Burke and Cdl. Kasper. I'm sure he went as far as he could in preparing the audience for the upcoming betrayal. Without coming out and saying that the Holy Father is in the Kasper camp, he re ran parts of what he said in homilies etc. during his visit to America.......and let us draw our own conclusion, trusting we could put two and two together. It wasn't difficult according to the parts that he re ran and EMPHASIZED. Pretty much pointed out that the Pope came out and told us himself which direction he was headed.

    The intention in my Rosary is the Synod and I am also praying the Novena for the Synod that they have posted on The Remnant to St. Michael the Archangel. Will offer my Mass this weekend for the Synod. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!


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