Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fellow Faithful Catholics, The Sin-Nod Was A Disaster

That so many faithful Catholics are grasping at straws right now can be readily understood.  For decades now we've seen the Teachings of Jesus Christ not only attacked by secular society but undermined from within by progressive clerics of the Judas mold.  While we've been fearing a massive plop of heresy to spew forth from the sin-nod, it hasn't happened to the degree to which we expected.  But therein may lie the danger, for where overt evil might be rejected precisely because it is recognizable, evil camouflaged in subtle and ambiguous language can more easily insinuate itself into the minds of those who are all too ready to embrace simplistic appearances of good.

Think of it.  Faithful Catholics are waxing jubilant and ready to break out the bubbly because a Catholic document wasn't chock full of overt heresy!  Moreover, they are calling upon others to don rose-colored glasses and join them in pollyanna-type fantasies.  Take a look at my blog roll to the right; you'll see some of them.  Now these sites are on my blog role precisely because I hold them in respect - but on this occasion they're swilling down some dangerous koolaid.

All that demonstrates is how far we've fallen as a Church, when we rejoice because a Church document "isn't that bad".  Ladies and gentlemen, consider that the matters that were discussed during the sin-nod should never have been on the table precisely because they were stated clearly by God and acknowledged by the Church two thousand years ago.  To add insult to injury, some of the votes were fairly close.  In a saner time, any deviation from God's revealed word would have been unanimously and unceremoniously rejected.

As I stated yesterday, Rorate has commenced some analysis of the relatio.  It bodes ill for the Church.  Moreover, I link now to a LifeSiteNews piece penned by Andrew Guernsey.  In it he points out the attempts to tinker with language that has been used by the Church to describe intrinsic evils.  Anyone with a smidgen of common sense knows that the manipulation of language is an attempt to manipulate the thought processes of the audience.  One of the "offending phrases" that the sin-nod culprits want to eliminate is the phrase "intrinsic evil".  As Guernsey points out, this puts into context the Pope's concluding address yesterday in which he openly disdained "language which is archaic or simply incomprehensible".

I'll post below a video in which Michael Matt gives more insight as to what happened these past few weeks.  I will ask that my fellow bloggers throw off their rose-colored glasses and realize that the battle is still underway.  The sin-nod laid the groundwork for progressives to soldier forward with their plans at deconstruction of the Church.  Look out for phrases such as "spirit of the synod".  Keep praying, stay vigilant, vocal, and active.


  1. I am not completely a Traditionalist, but I think that the Remnant has had very good coverage of "the spirit of the synod" in their videos from Rome , especially the last analysis of the Synod which looks toward accomplishing what has been the expressed desire of the homosexual network within the Church for decades:

  2. There was even one Bishop that commented on a 'New Church' emerging from this Sin-Od. Hillary White has an excellent article on the Remnant this morning where she refers back to 'error upon errors' after Vat ll. I think the name of it is: 'A plague on both your houses'. Bishop Schneider has stated in recent months that we really need to go back and study Vat ll to 'correct' what went wrong after that, before we can really move forward in the direction we need to go. At this point, I would say he's pipe dreaming, so I won't hold my breath on that one. These prelates are ALL VAT ll people and have been immersed in it from the get go, errors and all.

  3. Thank you! Yes! And this new one with Michael Matt and John Rao is excellent and very informative:

  4. A good example of my comments above was when we were all 'so proud' of Cdl Chaput for standing up to Church teaching during this Sin-Od, and then he turned around later and said that we need to look at 'language' in order to be less offensive. OK, so he doesn't realize that changing the 'language' will influence the thought process? Me think he probably does realize this. Point is, even our 'good Bishops' tend to play both sides of the fence. Quite disheartening.

  5. Oh and just one more thought....(sorry for all the afterthoughts:) I will never forget Fr. Corapi (whatever happened there is still a big question mark) saying: 'There is such a thing as objective truth'. It seems as though none of them buy into that one anymore.

  6. "Think of it. Faithful Catholics are waxing jubilant and ready to break out the bubbly because a Catholic document wasn't chock full of overt heresy!"

    And that is the saddest fact of all.

    We've now reached such a level of perversity that just about any crumb will do. Some Catholics break out in alleluias if a pope states that he believes Christ is God.

    God help us.


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