Friday, January 22, 2016

Carhart Botches His Sixth Abortion In Germantown

On December 18th, when I reported on Carhart's fifth screw-up, I predicted that it wouldn't be his last.  How could I have realized my prediction would come true so soon?  He did it yet again on January 19th.  Operation Rescue has a report with video.

So that's six - of which we know.  As Cheryl Sullenger says, it's not a matter of "if" he'll botch another; it's a question of "when".  Moreover, since he's already killed two women, odds are very high that he'll kill another.  Of course he's already murdering scores of babies as a matter of routine.

This abortion mill where the murder and mayhem occurs at Germantown Reproductive Health Services is located in Germantown Executive Park Terrace, off Wisteria Drive.  If any of my readers do business with any other occupant of this center, ask them what they are doing to drive this hell-hole from their vicinity.  They do bear some responsibility for tolerating these crimes in their office complex.

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