Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Real Idolatry Is Worship Of God Of Surprises

In his homily yesterday, the pope lobbed another insult at faithful Catholics who adhere to Sacred Tradition.  As we all (should) know, Sacred Tradition is not just "the way things were done"; rather, it is God's revealed teaching to the Church.  It is His Word.  Sacred Tradition does not change because God, its Author, is immutable.  Here is the English translation of the homily from the Vatican's website.

He cites the example of Saul, first king of Israel.  Israel was at war.  Samuel the prophet communicated to Saul the will of God that everything pertaining to their enemy was to be destroyed - including their animals.  Saul had another idea: to keep some animals to offer burnt offerings to God.  Of course he was doing so in disobedience to God.

Somehow the pope tries to liken us to the disobedient Saul, when in fact it is those who take God's Sacred Traditions lightly who are acting along the lines of Saul.  One could say, in looking at Saul's actions, that he was merely trying to accommodate a "god of surprises" instead of acting in humble obedience to His revealed will.  Again, if it seems that God's will is akin to "what has always been done" and is not changing, it's because God Himself does not change.

Even more incredibly is that the pope calls us "idolators".  Why?  Because we're not open to this "god of surprises".  Note that he says the Holy Spirit continuously "surprises us".  Well, one can only be surprised by someone or something of which he/she has no knowledge.  But the Church teaches us through Sacred Tradition.  What she taught Catholics 500 years ago is no different than what she teaches today, for God Himself is no different today than He was 500 years ago.  Is this so complicated?

If this papal theme of "don't adhere to tradition but be surprised" theme sounds familiar, it should.  It really is a rehashed attempt at brainwashing.  See here and here and here.  Regrettably, what we have here is yet another attempt to cause us to distrust the little solid foundation that we do have in our faith, so that we will fall for progressive novelties disguised as "surprises from God".

If there's any idol here, it's this "god of surprises".

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