Sunday, January 31, 2016

St. Ignatius Of Baltimore - EGG On Its Face, Mortal Sin To Its Charge

Two months ago I wrote of St. Matthew's Church on Loch Raven Boulevard in Baltimore.  It is infested with those promoting the mortal sin of homosexual perversion - and that includes the pastor!  When I wrote that piece, I indicated that I'd write of another sin-swamp parish and now I'll do so.

This den of iniquity is called St. Ignatius Catholic Community.  It's on Calvert Street in the Mount Vernon area.  It touts itself as "the Jesuit Church of Baltimore".  I might say that would explain a lot of what I'll detail, but then what's the excuse for the malfeasances of St. Matthew's?

St. Ignatius also has a "gay ministry", that is, a group that will lull to sleep what remains of the consciences of homosexual Catholics so that they can commit mortal sin with their consciences effectively paralyzed.  Of course in committing these sins, they are greatly increasing their chances of incurring the pains of hell in the afterlife.  The pastor and other leaders of that parish, being answerable to God for the souls in their charge, will likely have hell to pay (literally) if they don't change course while they're still on this side of the grave.

You should have the St. Ignatius site open in its own window.  Let's now take a tour, shall we?   Go to the top menu and hover your mouse over "ministries".  Click on "community building".  A new page opens up and you'll see on the left something called "Embracing God's Gifts" (EGG).  This is St. Ignatius's "gay ministry".  How did they come to adopt this title "embracing God's gifts"?  I have a theory that I think is entirely plausible.  Recall the Extraordinary Synod on the Family that occurred in October 2014.  Readers of this blog will recall that an interim report was released by the Vatican; I'll link to it on the Vatican website.  I refer you to paragraph 50, where the pope seems to be condoning homosexual conduct.  (For those interested, here are some archives for review).   If anyone ever wanted prima facie evidence of the harm caused by the pope's ambiguity, here's a prime example.

Let's examne the EGG page.  There is a video where Gordon Creamer (director?).  He talks of celebrating "gifts and contribution of gay and lesbian members"; he's hearkening back to paragraph 50 of the sin-nod's interim report.  Notice the "mission statement" that rolls by in "star wars" format.  Notice how it acknowledges being informed by church teaching, as opposed to being formed by Church teaching?  That difference is quite telling.  Then of course we have the loaded language of "open-mindedness" and "compassion".  At 2:34 Creamer states that "at various meetings we often study the Church's..body of literature".  Did you notice that moment of hesitancy?  Was he catching himself before he uttered the word "teachings" as opposed to "body of literature"?  He goes right into a book called "Fortunate Families".  I believe it's this book; it was on the table in the video.  Here is the website to "Fortunate Families".  This organization seems to be comprised of parents who are capitulating to the mortal sins in which their children are embroiled.  What they display is not charity, but cowardice and dereliction of duty.

Looking further down, we see that they have their monthly meetings and "pride cookouts" and even a "pride prayer service".  From the bulletin we see that they actually meet in parish offices; the announcement can be found right above the yoga announcement.  I now point you to an article published by New Ways Ministry.  If it can be believed (and that might well be the case), then the Archdiocese of Baltimore knows of the state of affairs at St. Ignatius and is, at the very least, turning a blind eye to the spiritual wreckage occurring at that church.  Such appears to be the case at St. Matthew's.

Let's go back to that "ministries" menu and look at "social responsibilities".  There's lots of indications that St. Ignatius falls into lockstep with the progressive agenda being promulgated.  For instance, if we look at the "economic justice"page, all we see are calls to lobby various governmental bodies for income/wealth redistribution.  No where do I see any calls for the parishioners to contribute to this "economic justice" out of their own means.  Then there's the obligatory call for amnesty for illegal aliens and such.

Now guess what's missing from that page?  I knew it wouldn't take too long to guess!  Yes!  There's no mention whatsoever of the greatest social injustice of this day - the slaughter of unborn children under the guise of legalized abortion.  With all these "ministries", where's the pro-life ministry?  The lack of such an endeavor tells me that this parish, by and large, simply doesn't care about authentic social justice nor for the teachings of Jesus Christ Himself.  Correction - it's there but you have to scroll down a good bit to see it.

I'm going to point out a seemingly unrelated incident.  It's not really unrelated as I'll elaborate in a few minutes.  On Friday, a 23-year-old seminarian was taken into custody at a San Diego airport.  He allegedly was en route to Mexico to engage in sexual acts - with helpless infants.  Yes, he was a Catholic seminarian who was about to engage in acts of brutal perversion.  One might wonder how such individuals can be so corrupted, or how the seminary did not screen him during the application process.  But all we need do is consider the corrupt parish life of parishes such as St. Ignatius, St Matthews and other "gay-friendly" parishes throughout the country and we needn't wonder.  If our parishes and dioceses aren't purified of this corruption soon, we can expect to see more such scenarios.


  1. There is a "St. Ignatius Respect For Life (RFL) Ministry" under the Social Responsibility Ministries page you linked to.

  2. I first visited St. Ignatius about three years ago as it close to where my wife (then fiance) works for the Saturday vigil, and found it strange that it was offered in a basement chapel. This occured one more time and I was always put off by the situation. I never saw any of what was mentioned above but I had an uneasy feeling with the general demeanor of the conregation. That the church is in Mt. Vernon likely led to this. After we were married and I moved to Baltimore we started to search for a parish and one Sunday we attended St. Ignatius despite my prior reservations. Though the priest gave a decent homily I left with the impression of a community that teetered too much on relativism and modernism. When I flipped through the buelletin I saw something that gave tacit approval to what you mentioned above. It appears now they have gone further down that rabbit hole. It is such a shame that a city is at the center of American Catholic history has fallen so far. There was a beautiful Polish parish St. Stanislaus in Fells Point that has been closed for some time now, only to reopen as a yoga and new age center.


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