Thursday, January 7, 2016

Synchretism And Indifferentism - Both Heresies - From The Pope's Mouth

This video was released by the Vatican on the Feast of The Epiphany (according to the old liturgical calendar).  It can only be described as the antithesis of true revelation.  Yesterday I saw it in the Italian; at that time I saw no English translation.  Truth be told, I understood it enough to realize that it was a major blow to the promulgation of true faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Recall that in Scripture, Jesus says He is "the Way, the Truth and the Life".  Note the use of the article "the".  That means "one and only".  He did not say "I am one of several equally valid ways, truths and lives".  Later in Acts, the first Pope says of the Name of Jesus "by no other name can man be saved".  Thus in this video the pope is directly contradicting Our Lord and the first pontiff.  "Peace and justice" the aim?  There will be NONE until all convert to the One True Faith; no amount of "dialogue" will ever substitute for that for we cannot "dialogue" with falsehood.

This video reeks of synchretism and religious indifferentism.  These ideas are poisonous to the soul and injurious to the salvation of any who might be duped into believing them simply "because the pope said so".  I posted on New Year's Day that these errors must be called out for what they are, lest unsuspecting and/or naive souls believe them to their eternal peril; see the two posts from New Years Day and Dec 30th, for example.  With slop like this being vomited from the Vatican, I fear this "calling out" will morph into its own full-time job.  Read more from my colleague at Vox Cantoris.  I post below the video of the heresies being committed, with a "translation" by AKA Catholic.


  1. The video has the Pope speaking in Spanish....his native tongue. I wonder if it was translated into english correctly. If it was, it is upsetting to me that Jesus is not spoken of correctly as The Truth and The Way. I know the Pope has the weight of the world's souls on his shoulders. And we can't understand fully why Our Lord is working things out in this manner. But let's keep the faith, the loyalty and courage for these times.

    1. Is it Spanish or Italian? Many of his addresses are in Italian. If that is the case, you might want to pay attention to two blogs to the right: Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II and Mundabor. Both are written by Italians who are fluent in the tongue. At any rate, the video, with subtitles, is published by the Vatican, answerable to the pope. At the end of the day, he owns the heresies.

      You write that the pope has "the weight of the world on his shoulders". Well, that's all the more reason why the heresies in the video are inexcusable. The world needs a shepherd that will lead them to healthy truth, not spiritual poison.


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