Wednesday, January 20, 2016

God Of Surprises Inspires Sacrilegious Holy Communion

Yesterday I wrote how the "god of surprises" about which the pope blathers is really a false idol.  Now it seems this filthy idol is deluding Vatican clergy - possibly the pope - into allowing non-Catholics to receive Holy Communion.  This happened today after Lutherans were granted a papal audience.  Courtesy of One Peter Five, we have a report from Sandro Magister about the abomination that occurred earlier.  Yesterday another blogging colleague, Tenth Crusade, put up this piece detailing how the pope hemmed and hawed when asked by a Lutheran if she could receive Holy Communion,  Instead of the pope telling her the truth, he in fact gave veiled permission for her to commit a sacrilege.  At the time Tenth Crusade put up that post, this latest travesty had not yet occurred.

I'll now link to a post that appears in AKA Catholic (formerly Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II) by Randy Engel.  It was she who wrote the book "Rite Of Sodomy" that helped expose the homosexual cabal within the ranks of Catholic clergy.  The post is entitled "Pope Francis: The Divinization Of Change, And The New World Order".  I'd certainly call this "god of surprises" an attempt to make a false deity out of change.  Now consider the word "change".  Ladies and gentlemen, God does not change.  He is immutable.  Whatever He was, He now is and ever will be.  He is eternal.  Likewise His Word and His laws are eternal, as they reflect His eternal, immutable will.  If anyone prattles about a "god" that changes, rest assured that "god" is a false idol.

I also have no doubt that a "new world order" is a main goal of the progressives within the Vatican.  I'd venture a guess that was a motive in allowing Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament to suffer sacrilege.  Among other things, it's a fairly blatant attempt to devalue Holy Mother Church in the minds of Catholics so that she is no longer seen as the One True Church but just as one religion among many (including non-Christian religions).  This is why so many progressives favor the empowerment of the United Nations to the point of compromising and even eliminating the sovereignty of individual nations.  The "global warming / climate change" schtick is another gimmick to coerce individuals to follow one-world mandates from some UN demagogue(s).

I'll close this with a quote from Vatican I.  I pray that Pope Francis will remember that he is the Vicar of Christ and will never again allow Holy Communion to be received in a sacrilegious manner.

"The Holy Spirit was not promised to the successors of Peter so that, by his revelation, they might reveal new teaching, BUT so that, by his assistance, they might devoutly guard and faithfully set forth the revelation handed down through the Apostles, or in other words, the Deposit of the Faith." - Vatican Council I, Pastor Aeternus

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