Friday, January 29, 2016

Parents! Beware Of The Catholic Standard!

Remember this?  From last month?  The ad still appears; I'm speaking of the January 28th edition.  It's on page 15, bottom left.  What are these people thinking?  The Catholic Standard is ostensibly the official news outlet of the Archdiocese of Washington; it should exude the Faith from every square inch of the paper.  Instead, for the sake of advertising revenue, it takes on the stench of immorality.  I hope that's not what Pope Francis meant when he talked of taking on the "smell of the sheep".

Parents, my post title should be taken seriously.  Perhaps you might have thought that you wouldn't have to screen a Catholic publication for objectionable content before your children read it, as you might have to if something was bought at a convenience store.  Who could blame you?  After all, it is a church publication, right?  At one time, that assumption would have been sound, but thanks to the Catholic Standard, that is no longer the case.  If you let your seven-year-olds read it unsupervised, you might find yourselves being asked to define "e_____ d_______" and "love life" as they are named in the ad.

Here is the "contact" page for the Standard. Please voice your displeasure at this obvious carelessness regarding Catholic morality.


  1. FYI - I just posted this in a comment to a post on the Standard's facebook wall: Since this wall has no general area in which to post, I must resort to a comment. Why, in the name of heaven, is the Standard publishing ads selling cures for erectile dysfunction because " you owe it to your lady"? This is tabloid trash garbage, not something that promotes Catholic Faith and morals! Please do not allow it to see any more print in the Archdiocesan Newspaper.

    We'll see how long it stays on there! :-)

  2. Excellent post; the "pornogrification" of Catholics is a subject that needs to be addressed. When Catholics, dress, speak, behave, Tweet, indulge in social media like their pagan neighbour we have a very serious problem.


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