Monday, January 4, 2016

The Year Of Mercy, Without Obedience To Our Lady Of Fatima, Will Be A Miserable Flop

Today published an article entitled "Two Out Of Every Three Mass-Attending Catholics Support Homosexuality".  I wish I could say that this is a surprise to me, but it isn't.  I live in Montgomery County Maryland and my parish is also in Montgomery County.  Several years ago we were in the process of petitioning gay marriage to the ballot.  We had gotten permission to collect signatures in the church lobby after Masses.  Two of us were calling attendees over to sign.  We called over one lady.  She adamantly refused.  She said she "might go to hell for this but I see no reason why gays can't get married if they want".  Needless to say, my friend and I were taken aback.  Now this woman recently passed away, so I pray that her declaration of support for mortal sin was not prophetic.

Two days ago the news regarding the Southern Baptists was even more disconcerting.  One of the first Baptist churches of the nation is now conducting "gay #mowwidges" and ordaining gay AND "transexual", that is, self-mutilated/drugged "ministers".  In their condition, they can only be ministers of death, disease and damnation.  That the protestants are further down the rabbit hole of depravity than are Catholics is not surprising.  It is to the Roman Catholic Church that Our Lord has entrusted the fullness of the Faith.  However, we are not that far behind.

At Mass yesterday we heard a sermon on "mercy", in keeping with the "jubilee of mercy", no doubt.  While there was much talk of the joys of mercy, there was very little teaching on the requirements for receiving God's mercy.  Remember that this is the same parish where the woman loudly declared her support for sodomy.  The blogger at Boston Catholic Insider put up a piece recently entitled "The Error Of Preaching Mercy Without Repentance".  He/she articulated well what I was thinking yesterday.  Without understanding the seriousness of sin and the reality of hell, to which a person will go if they have one unrepented mortal sin on their soul at time of death, there will be no appreciation nor seeking of God's mercy through the sacrament of Confession.  Too often priests refuse to preach on the last four things, including hell.  They are too "politically correct" to name fornication, contraception, sodomy, etc as mortal sins that can damn a soul to hell for all eternity.  Thus they ill-serve their congregations, flowery "mercy" happy-talk notwithstanding.

Now let's address Our Lady of Fatima and her message.  We know that she asked that Russia be consecrated to her  Immaculate Heart by the Pope.  Let's be VERY CLEAR!  Our Lady took the trouble to specify RUSSIA!  Not "the world"!  Not "the universe"!  She, Our Lady, Queen of heaven and earth, specified "Russia"!  How dare anybody presume not to follow her lead in specifying Russia by name?  Is this really so complicated?  Our Lady left no "wiggle room" here!  Per her very clear instructions, Russia must be singled out for consecration.  Oh, it's very nice that the world was consecrated several times, but those consecrations were not done in conformity with Our Lady of Fatima's specific directions.

"But Sister Lucia said the consecration was done!", some might protest.  Oh, really??  Did she???  Please consider that we were told this "second-hand".  Now haven't we all seen enough of Vatican sleight-of-hands and machinations to be skeptical of anything we hear from that organization, especially when we know very well the instructions given to the three Fatima children?  Then folks might say "but look at Russia and how it seems to be returning to Christianity!"  That picture is not so rosy.  I direct your attention to the following video and urge us all to redouble our prayer efforts so that Russia will be consecrated to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart, per her specific instructions; else there will be judgment as opposed to mercy.

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