Saturday, January 16, 2016

On-The-Job Deathscort Training - Shoving And Bird-Flipping

In the past, I have posted some "on-the-job" training videos for DC-area deathscorts.  Yes, they ostensibly receive training and they're fed these "guidelines" (such as they are).  But that is not reality as you saw from the earlier videos and what you're about to see below.  Please keep those "goals and guidelines" open in another window as we proceed.

I won't have to say much, as the video will demonstrate how the advocacy for baby-murder corrodes both intellect and conscience.  It is helpful to note that this mill where I can be found most Saturdays is part of Planned Parenthood of Metro DC.  They have several locations in the area and usually only three have committed surgical abortions - this one being one of them.  The 16th street location has closed (awaiting completion of their new Northeast location) and I understand the Falls Church one has likewise closed.  That leaves this one the only one (to the best of my knowledge) tearing babies to pieces.  We have seen the uptick in numbers.  Also please note that the deathscorts are organized under an umbrella organization called "Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force", or WACDTF for short.

The scene you're about to see is at the driveway to the facility that empties onto First Street.  The main offender is the lead deathscort / site coordinator or whatever they call their head honchos.  For her to be carrying on this way sets an example for her underlings to emulate.  Going to the WACDTF goals and guidelines, we see their "non-violence policy".  It states (in part) that "WACDTF volunteers agree not to act in a confrontational manner or to engage in physical or verbal attacks against anyone present. We ask people to abide by this Nonviolence Policy at all times. Any person who, in the opinion of the WACDTF site coordinator acts inappropriately will be asked to remove his or her WACDTF identifier and leave the clinic property."

Articulating The Pro-Abortion Mentality
My!  Doesn't that sound noble and lovely?  But these deathscorts do have a curious way of tossing their guidelines in the trash "when push comes to shove" and I mean that cliche in the literal sense.  You're going to see some shoving (e.g., engaging in physical attack) and bird-flipping (e.g., "act in a confrontational manner").  Teensy little problem here with the enforcement of this wondrous guideline!!  What happens when it is the "site coordinator" who carries on?  Hmmm...  Anyway, this is why we have these little "on-the-job" deathscort training videos - so that the newbies among the deathscorts can see the "real deal" as it were.

I'm sure once enough progressives see this video, they'll mobilize the Woodside neighborhood so they can put their leashes on their dogs and walk them in front of the deathscorts to "thank" them for facilitating baby-slaughter.

Please pray for an end to this slaughter.  Pray for that mother who was taken into the mill and for the others who were likewise brutalized today.

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