Friday, January 22, 2016

To End Abortion, We Must Eradicate Contraception

From we have an excellent program today detailing how contraception and abortion are inextricably intertwined.  In the first few minutes, they briefly skim over the history of contraception just prior to that dismal 1930 Lambeth Conference.  For a more in depth treatise of contraception and eugenics in the United States, I'd suggest watching Maafa 21.  I'll post that video below the Church Militant one.

Around the 14:00 mark, Christine Niles states what should be an obvious point: that without contraception there would be no abortion, yet pro-lifers won't discuss it.  Indeed, many pro-lifers actually support contraception, a completely nonsensical stance.  The usage of contraception stems from the same anti-life mentality as does abortion.  My blogging colleague at Les Femmes asks why we don't march on June 7, the anniversary of the Griswold v Connecticut ruling that unleashed contraception on America.  That's a good question.  We should also ask why the bishops will not allow their priests to preach on its evils.


  1. Excellent. A few years back when MAAFA 21 first came out, I wondered why on earth this is not being shown in every school in America. It is historically thorough and enlightening and it exposes those in darkness.

  2. Thank-you for posting on this. The "pro-life" movement needs to become the Gospel of Life movement; that is, with eyes fixed on Christ - without whom we can do nothing. When we reflect on this, we begin to see why the "pro-life" movement is failing. Here, in Canada, it is a disaster. The support for Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner is minimal at best. They are marginalized, ignored. Yet, they are the only two who are actually really, really witnessing against the evil of abortion. To the degree that they are willing - and do - surrender their freedom for the Truth. Thus, they dwell in jail (Linda dwelling for nearly 11 years over the past 20)for resisting evil abortion bubble zone laws. The "pro-life" movement is no where to be seen in standing up for them, defending them. Why? They are an embarrassment to those who wish to only stage banquets and write letters (or make foolish ad hominem attacks on death dealing politicians). What is needed is witness for the truth through the cross. This is how the battle was won in ancient Rome.

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