Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pope Francis Appoints Pro-Abort To Pontifical Academy For Life

The maxim "personnel is policy" contains much truth.  With that in mind, faithful Catholics are aghast at the appointment of a known pro-abort to the Pontifical Academy for Life.  Recall that last autumn, Pope Francis dismissed all the members of that academy.  Now he is starting to reconstruct it to his liking.

The pro-abort's name is Nigel Bigger.  He is an Anglican minister who believes that baby-slaughter should be legal until 18 weeks.  He tried to diffuse our incredulity by claiming that is views on euthanasia conforms to Church teaching (forgive us if we look askance at that claim).  However, all who rightly claim the label "pro-life" are opposed to all forms of murder (murder being defined in Catholic moral theology as "the deliberate taking of innocent human life").  So clearly Pope Francis could have selected from thousands of faithful Catholics who adhere completely to the Church's Traditions regarding life and family.  He might have simply reappointed some former PAL members who were dismissed last autumn.  Why, oh why, did Pope Francis see fit to select someone who is at clear, sinful variance with the Church?  It's worth a reminder that last autumn Pope Francis did away with the requirement that all PAL members adhere to the Jerome Lejeune Oath.  When I wrote that post last November, I asked why the pope saw fit to eliminate that requirement.  I think we now have the answer to my earlier question.

One Peter Five has details of others who were (re)appointed to the PAL.  Two of the more vocal critics of Amoralis Lamentia were not reappointed.  Cardinal Caffarra, one of the four dubia cardinals, was reappointed; but his omission would have stunk to high heaven and would have been a public relations black eye to the pope.  Another troubling appointment was made: that of Anne-Marie Pelletier, a professor who joins the pope in dissenting from Church Tradition on family and marriage.

More and more the progressives at the Vatican are abandoning their facades of fidelity to Sacred Tradition.  In related news, Rorate Caeli informs us that this past Sunday, the Bishop of Santa Fe in Argentina (a Pope Francis appointee) conducted a Mass that can only be called sacrilege.  He announced during Mass that according to the norms of AL, adulterers would be admitted to Holy Communion at that Mass.  Indeed they were.  While he committed mortal sin, as did all those who received unworthily, he was correct in stating that his sacrilege was in conformity with Amoralis Lamentia.

To my friends who insist on wearing rose-colored glasses with regards to this pope, who persistantly think that starry-eyed naivete is a virtue: please cease lying to yourselves and each other.  The sooner you admit the truth, the sooner you can start praying and acting to preserve the Faith in yourselves and those around you.


  1. It is totally MADDENING to watch this 'Pope' in his total and purposeful destruction of the Church of Christ. This has gone on for four years now and I am wondering when those with blinders on are going to take them off. He is the enemy of Christ in His Church. This fact by now, four years later, is as plain as day. I can understand denial at the beginning of his 'Pontificate', I was one of those. But as time went on it became very obvious that he is a dissenter, and eventually, worse than this a DESTROYER. Our worst nightmare has, to our horror, become our reality.

  2. It is a great comfort to attend an independent traditional chapel where there is no mention of Francis.

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