Thursday, June 29, 2017

Long Knives Now Pointed At Cardinal Pell

Cardinal Pell has, over the years, made himself a thorn in the side of progressives in the Vatican who want to mangle Holy Mother Church into a macabre farce.  He's done this merely by speaking the truth.   Recall how during the October 2014 meeting he forcefully rebuked those trying to manipulate that meeting and made mention of the cabal inside the Vatican.  He stated why Laudato Si cannot be taken as Church teaching.

The undermining of Pell's work in the Roman Curia was already underway in 2016.  Back in 2015 I opined that soon Cardinal Pell (and others) would feel long knives being plunged into his back.  I didn't realize that opinion would actually be a fairly accurate prediction, at least for Cardinal Pell (although the others could be targeted in the future).

The internet is now abuzz with news that allegations have arisen regarding "sexual molestation" committed by Pell on some boys.  These incidents are alleged to have occurred in the 1970s.  Ladies and gentlemen, we can do the arithmetic.  That's forty years ago.  What has prompted these alleged victims to come forward after all that time?  They remain anonymous, of course, preventing any real investigation into their credibility (or lack thereof).  Cardinal Pell is headed back to Australia to deal with the charges.  The reform work in which he was engaged will be supervised by (scroll to the very bottom of this link!) Cardinal Marx.  Yes this one!  This whole thing stinks of a frame job!

So who's next on the Vatican Mafioso Hit List?  Bishop Schneider?  Bishop Paprocki?  Cardinal Sarah?  Pray your Rosaries for Holy Mother Church.


  1. I hope you are correct and that all will go well. Unfortunately the Island Continent of Australia has a lot in common with the Island of Manhattan, NYC so anything is possible, and most probably perverted schemes of Church and State abound.

  2. The accusers are not anonymous ---see them interviewed in some of the Australian news show vids in this article. Also included---a compelling interview with a man who threw Pell out of a surf club restroom in the 70's when he caught him full frontal with 3 little boys. Maybe Pel got a grip on his homopedophilia after the 70's as there have been no accusations made after that time.

    Pel is a modernist like all of them, but he has 'played the role' of conservative bishop and cardinal for the last few years.

    Seattle kim

  3. When I read the name cardinal marx I just about spit. Fox guarding the hen house anyone? Are there any faithful prelates left in the Vatican or more than can be counted on one hand? Our Lady of Fatima, please, please intervene!

  4. Sorry, but I just don't buy the accusations against Pell. Not ONE WORD of it! Ann Barnhardt also thinks he was hired for Vatican finances (in the first place) because he was 'blackmailable' as she puts it. I'll have to agree to disagree respectfully. I also think it's more than his traditional Catholicism that has gotten him into this pedophilia charge that I believe has been trumped up by certain hierarchy. Cardinal Pell is putting into place a MAJOR 'reform' of Vatican finances as we speak. Who would know better than Cardinal Pell what's going on behind the scenes with the Vatican money and also with the Vatican Bank? NO ONE!

    And ANOTHER very interesting development in relation to this situation: Just flip over to the National Catholic Register, and read the story by Edward Pentin on the subject. Cardinal Pell has of course asked the Pope for a leave of absence in order to go back and try to clear his name on the matter. (and in case anyone was not aware, Australia is one of the places that you can not be extradited to, so he COULD refuse if he so wished) Anyway, he has stated that he is very grateful to the Pope for allowing him some time to go back and handle it. In the mean time, the Council for Vatican Finances headed up by none other than, wait for it......... CARDINAL MARX that will be in charge of handling Pell's proposed 'financial reforms', as was pointed out in the above post. Isn't that just special that Marx, of all people (!) is now in charge? LOL......can anyone say 'MALTA'? It's not JUST about side lining a traditional leaning Cardinal, that's just cake icing for them, but as usual it seems to be ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

  5. And now............Cardinal Mueller is OUT! Boy oh boy, no grass growing under Bergoglio's feet eh?
    Rorate, and I believe Lifesite News have the story.

  6. Cardinal Pell is innocent, your analysis of the situation is correct, there has never been such a evil witch hunt in Australia as this one. This attack on Cardinal Pell is two fold.. One is indeed coming from those sick little wolves sitting in the Vatican destroying the church and 2 from the secular world. Australia hates the Catholic Church, this is the primary reason why they target and hate Pell. He fought against modernism with the sword of truth. After he cleaned up the mess Arch Little caused, the mod squad club Vowed to get him back. Although his age has caught up with him, and he certainly is not as *Fiery* as he use to be, he still fights for truth in the back ground, hence turning off the microphone when he slammed the bench insisting the truth not be tampered with during the 2014 SINod, his public defense for the 4 Dubia cardinals stating they are right to seek clarification, and other public statements he has made, such as in one of his sermons he said we have an unusual Pope and we have had 36 anti popes.. Indeed the good Cardinal is a enemy for those who hate the fullness of truth and those who love the satanic global warming agenda. As for the comment by Unknown June 30, 2017 at 4:27 AM .. You have no idea what C Pell is like, if you did you would not link rubbish.. You do not know him personally and clearly have no idea what he has done to try and maintain a church that was turned into anything goes after VC2. God bless Cardinal Pell as he goes through his passion for our lord. for all those who hate Pell, you are part of those who yelled out.....crucify him!

  7. Watch the Australian news vids in the article mentioned above. If it were just the 2
    dudes in their 40's accusing him (both of whom have had sketchy lives and probably could use the money)---I would agree with you, Gods Will Be Done. But when other adults from the same time period saw things (one even ordering Pel out of a surf club bathroom where he found him naked with 3 little boys for an extended period of time) something's up. Anytime a grown man wants to spend all his spare time playing in a pool with young boys (eyewitnesses said he never played with girls and was a perpetual figure at this pool) somethings up.

    Because Pel is quasi-conservative (although every bit the modernist the rest of Rome is), people think this couldn't have happened. In any case, his name was not on the Dubia.

    Because his 2 accusers come from one time period, it appears either Pel got a grip on his homo-pedophilic tendencies which is unusual since it's usually a lifelong addiction.

    There will be top notch lawyers. Pel will come out smelling like a rose.

    Seattle kim


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